In Houston's growing economy, businesses are always looking for innovative new ways to attract and retain customers or tenants. Over the last decade, Houston has seen extensive development both in residential communities as well as apartment construction. As a result, existing apartment complexes have been hit with a large influx of competition, meaning they have to strive even harder to attract new renters and retain current tenants. Apartment complexes can stand far above their competition by offering stunning outdoor spaces for their tenants to enjoy throughout the year.

Adding gorgeous, well-maintained trees and landscapes offers substantial benefits to apartment complex owners and managers, as well as tenants living within the complex. First, adding shade trees and landscape gardens provides a large amount of financial value to the apartment complex. Both the apartment owners and renters would see lower utility costs because of the ample shade provided by healthy, mature trees, especially in the heat of summer. In addition, the landscape gardens and trees would help absorb rainwater and reduce runoff, lowering water usage and water costs. Finally, the apartment complex would receive great financial benefit by increased property values because of the addition of valuable shade trees and well-manicured landscaping.

The addition of healthy shade trees and beautiful landscape gardens would also add significant aesthetic value to the apartment complex property. Having a stunning outdoor area for residents to enjoy would attract potential renters interested in living in a beautiful complex. Current tenants would also be more likely to remain and renew their lease if they had a tranquil and picturesque outdoor atmosphere throughout the year. First impressions are critical for apartment complexes as they market and promote their property online and in print ads. Beautiful landscaping and lush shade trees can help the promotion and marketing of an apartment complex just as much as the apartment's amenities and location.

Finally, shade trees and landscaping can help apartment complexes with enhancing security and privacy throughout the property. Trees and shrubs strategically planted throughout the complex can help block window access and door entry by burglars, lowering the potential for criminal activity. Also, large shade trees and landscaping can also help disguise security cameras, making tenant property more secure without compromising aesthetic appeal. Finally, plants and trees can help disguise unsightly dumpster and utility areas, as well as reducing noise pollution from nearby roads or businesses.

LMC is pleased to offer Houston area apartment complexes, townhome communities, and condominium areas high-quality tree and landscape services to improve the beauty and value of the property. As a member of both the Houston Apartment Association and the Community Associations Institute, LMC is committed to providing exceptional landscape and tree services at competitive rates in order to strengthen the beauty and value of apartment complexes and the surrounding community. LMC's team of Certified Arborists and Landscape Professionals perform each project utilizing state-of-the-art equipment coupled with award-winning safety techniques. LMC offers a full range of services including tree trimming, tree planting, landscape maintenance, irrigation installation and repair, seasonal planting and mulching, deep root fertilization, tree disease and pest treatment, and ornamental water features and lighting. Contact LMC today for more information, or go online for a free consultation.