During residential and commercial construction projects, there are many important safety and logistical factors to consider, such as electrical and plumbing connections, gas lines, and nearby structures. While construction crews often put safety precautions into place to avoid utility disruptions and potential damage, the one area often overlooked is protecting existing trees in the immediate construction zone. Stable and mature trees are valuable property assets, and there are several benefits to protecting trees during any kind of construction project.

First, protecting beautiful and healthy trees on a construction site helps protect the property values of the residential or commercial site. Because the Houston area is experiencing rapid growth and expansion, it is critical to protect as many healthy, mature trees as possible since many are cut down due to commercial and residential development. Having large shade trees on a residential or commercial property also increases future resale values since many properties with well-established trees sell faster than those without large, healthy trees.

Also, protecting trees during construction projects also protects the long-term health of the tree. For those commercial and residential property owners that wish to keep the trees on the site, tree preservation ensures that the trees will not be harmed by construction machinery, suffer root damage during digging, or be impacted by any toxic materials or abrasive chemicals near the construction site. This also helps ensure that the property owner does not have to later pay for tree repair or tree removal services because of a tree damaged by nearby construction activity. By acquiring tree preservation services before construction, the tree has a greater chance to enjoy long-term health and be able to thrive for generations to come.

Finally, for those in the construction industry, tree preservation ensures that your construction projects are preserving and protecting natural resources. In today's environmentally conscious business world, it is important to be able to say that your business protects and strengthens our local environment as much as possible. This distinction can help set your residential or commercial construction company apart from your competitors since many do not take proper precautions to protect nearby trees during ongoing construction projects.

LMC is pleased to offer tree preservation services to residential and commercial construction projects throughout the greater Houston area. As a leading Houston-area landscape and tree care service company, LMC prides itself on providing top-level service for a variety of landscape and tree care needs, such as landscaping, tree trimming and planting, irrigation installation and maintenance, ornamental stonework, and specialty lighting and water features. To ensure trees on your residential or commercial site get the protection they deserve, contact the Certified Arborists and Landscape Professionals of LMC. Contact LMC directly for more information, or request a free consultation today.