Some of the most important assets on our property are the healthy and vibrant shade trees we enjoy. In our previous blog post, we discussed how trees on residential and commercial properties could become unsafe over time, either because of disease, damage, or uneven growth. In part two in our series on unsafe trees, we'll focus on specifically how unsafe trees can threaten people, vehicles, and nearby property. Hopefully by increasing awareness of these threats, property owners can ensure that their trees are healthy and stable for years to come, while also avoiding possible catastrophes.

Unsafe Trees Endanger People

Unfortunately, each year thousands of people in the U.S. are injured or killed by falling trees, limbs or branches. Sadly, many of these tree accidents are largely preventable with regular tree maintenance or even tree removal. Unsafe trees threaten adults, children, and pets on residential properties, and they threaten employees and customers on commercial sites. Regular and proactive tree maintenance, such as tree pruning or cabling and bracing, can dramatically improve personal safety and help avoid fatalities or injuries.

Unsafe Trees Threaten Drivers

Unsafe trees on community common areas, residential properties, or commercial sites can also pose a threat to drivers due to falling tree debris. Drivers in the path of a falling tree trunk or limb will either have no time to avoid the impact, or they will swerve and end up crashing into another vehicle, tree, or building to avoid damages. A single fallen tree limb can cause thousands of dollars in vehicle damage, as well as serious personal injuries or even death to the driver or passengers. A dangerous chain of events can easily be avoided with routine tree care and maintenance.

Unsafe Trees Jeopardize Structures

Houston is home to many tall, mature trees throughout the city, and a single windstorm or severe weather system can send these trees toppling over onto nearby homes, businesses, or other structures. This is especially likely to occur when the tree is in poor health or unstable. Unsafe trees jeopardize buildings and homes, and the damages can be devastating and costly. However, regular tree pruning, tree inspections, and cabling and bracing services can greatly improve the stability and health of trees, significantly reducing the likelihood of tree accidents or damages.

Tree health is a priority of LMC, and our team of Certified Arborists strives to protect trees of all sizes and types throughout the greater Houston area. LMC offers a full range of exceptional tree care services, including tree pruning, tree planting, deep root fertilization, cabling and bracing, tree inspections, lightning protection, emergency tree services, irrigation installation, and tree removal services. Contact LMC today for more information, or go online to request a free consultation!