The Spring Branch district of Houston is one of the oldest and most beautiful communities in our city. In addition to mature trees, charming homes and family parks, Spring Branch has also been home to several older school campuses, many of which have recently undergone renovations or new campus construction to replace aging facilities. Shadow Oaks Elementary, originally built over 50 years ago, was a recent recipient of massive campus renovations to better serve the children of the Spring Branch area.

LMC is headquartered in the Spring Branch area, and has been committed to the preservation and improvement of Spring Branch sites for many years. The LMC team also believes in giving back to the amazing Spring Branch community and greater Houston area whenever it can. When LMC learned that the recent Shadow Oaks construction jeopardized the health of a beautiful, majestic live oak tree in the heart of the new campus, LMC decided to take action and support their community the best way they knew how.

LMC recently made a generous donation of their tree care services to repair, restore and protect the school's live oak tree so that it can remain a beautiful asset to the children, teachers and parents for generations to come. In addition to taking steps to restore the tree's health and vitality, LMC went one step further and committed to increase the campus beauty and landscaping through the addition of a butterfly garden. This butterfly garden will add aesthetic value to the campus throughout the year, and can also be used as an educational tool by bringing nature directly to schoolchildren.

As the tree preservation work and butterfly garden construction begins, we will provide blog updates and photos throughout the restoration and renovation process to capture LMC's hard work each step of the way. The team of Certified Arborists and Landscape Professionals of LMC is committed to helping strengthen and beautify our city through their award-winning, quality tree care and landscape services.

For more information on how LMC can partner with you to improve your residential, commercial, or campus property, contact the LMC team directly or request a consultation online. LMC specializes in providing a wide range of top-notch landscape and tree care services, utilizing industry-leading safety techniques and specialized equipment to complete projects with safety, efficiency and care. LMC can protect trees before and during construction, perform quality tree trimming, protect tree health with deep root fertilization, and maintain landscapes of all sizes. Let LMC make your property beautiful and healthy for years to come.