Nearly every year, areas all throughout Gulf Coast region face periods of water usage restrictions when it comes to landscape and tree maintenance. However, just because a neighborhood or locality restricts water usage doesn't mean the property has to suffer or fall into decline because of water restrictions. Today's blog post looks at ways to keep residential and commercial properties beautiful and healthy in spite of water restrictions for tree and landscape watering.

Drip Line Irrigation Systems

Water usage restrictions typically means property owners are restricted to use sprinklers or water hoses only on specific days to hydrate their lawns, gardens, and trees. However, a better alternative would be to have a drip line irrigation system professionally installed to get moisture exactly where it's needed while also reducing water usage and waste. Drip line irrigation uses plastic tubing with holes punched in to strategically water certain areas of trees, landscapes and gardens without watering the entire property. Drip line irrigation offers an environmentally friendly way to keep properties hydrated without excess water usage.

Apply Organic Mulch

The addition of healthy, organic mulch to a commercial or residential property can go a long way in preserving tree and property health during times of water usage restrictions. Trees especially benefit from organic mulch applied around the tree base because of its ability to both maintain moisture levels and keep the tree cooler during hot summer months. Organic mulch also improves the aesthetic of the commercial or residential property and can deter invasive weed growth, further protecting valuable trees and plants.

Regular Tree Fertilization

Trees grown in our urban and suburban areas do not have the benefit of rich soil minerals and ideal growing locations that are normally found in forests, so trees need to be supplemented with minerals and fertilizer to further stimulate their growth and stability. Regular Deep Root Tree Fertilization in the fall and spring months can help improve tree health and reduce potential tree damage when there are periods of drought or less frequent watering.

Collecting Rainwater

Although it can be laborious, collecting rainwater can help supplement tree and landscape watering when water usage is restricted, especially for trees and landscape gardens that need large amounts of water to remain healthy and stable. Property owners that utilize rainwater barrels for plant, tree, and garden watering should be sure to regularly empty out rainwater barrels to prevent stagnant water from attracting insects.

LMC is pleased to help commercial and residential property owners across the greater Houston area keep lawns, landscape gardens, and trees well hydrated throughout the year, particularly those facing regular water usage restrictions from municipal water districts or neighborhoods. LMC's team of Landscape Professionals can install Drip Line Irrigation systems, perform Deep Root Fertilization Services, and Mulch Application to preserve the health and stability of the property. Contact LMC today for more information, or go online to request a free consultation.