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Over the last few decades, a growing number of businesses and industries have become increasingly aware of their impact on our environment, and have pursued ways to help protect and preserve our natural resources. Initiatives such as recycling, water conservation, reductions in fossil fuel consumption, and research in alternative fuels and energy sources have soared in popularity. Even smaller changes in business practices can go a long way in positively impacting our local environment and protecting our natural resources for decades and generations to come. Today's blog post looks at four ways in which LMC is committed to protecting the environment through our business practices, as well as landscape and tree care techniques.

Greenwaste Recycling

Sadly, it is extremely commonplace to see many Houston area tree crews, landscapers, and day laborers complete a job and leave behind grass cuttings, tree limbs, and discarded plants for regular trash pickup. LMC takes a different approach and recycles greenwaste from projects, rather than leaving it behind to be both a property eyesore and an attraction for vermin. The major benefit of greenwaste recycling is that it reduces landfill usage and promotes the environment by converting lawn, landscape, and tree debris into healthy, organic mulch for use on commercial properties.

Smarter Irrigation Options

Another step LMC takes to protect and preserve natural resources is through promoting and installing smart irrigation systems. Smart irrigation systems utilize the latest technology to reduce water runoff and excessive usage, while still keeping landscapes, trees, and grass healthy. These systems are capable of monitoring moisture levels to prevent irrigation during rainstorms to prevent any water waste, while also saving commercial property owners money through lower utility costs.

Native Landscape Plants and Trees

LMC believes that the best type of plants and trees for commercial and residential properties are those that are native to our Gulf Coast area. Not only do they thrive in our hot and humid climate, but also they often need far less maintenance and water to remain healthy and beautiful. Many types of native plants are also drought-resistant, meaning they can survive for long stretches without regular rainfall without becoming weakened or dying. This results in lower landscape maintenance costs for commercial property owners.

Service Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance

Well-maintained service vehicles, equipment, and bucket trucks can make a significant impact in reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality. Too often amateur landscape companies and tree crews drive from client to client in old, poorly maintained trucks and service vehicles. These rundown trucks and vehicles often emit dark clouds of exhaust into the air, and also have poor fuel efficiency, meaning they burn through fossil fuels even faster. LMC keeps all trucks, service vehicles, trailers, and equipment in top working condition so as to protect the environment, and also ensure that there are no delays in completing a project due to vehicle or equipment failures.

Two of LMC's biggest company goals are to ensure the health and beauty of properties throughout Houston, and to protect our local environment as much as possible. LMC offers top-quality landscape and tree care services throughout the greater Houston area, all performed by Certified Arborists and Landscape Professionals who understand all facets of tree, plant, and lawn biology and care. For more information about our full range of commercial landscape and tree care services, contact us directly or go online to request a free consultation!