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Even with a national slump in home and commercial development projects, Houston has seen widespread home and commercial construction throughout the city as residents and businesses continue flocking to our region. Although construction projects are great for our city and local economy, they can be a danger for nearby properties and trees. In today's blog post, we'll highlight three specific ways neighboring residential and commercial constructions projects can injure your own trees and property, and what can be done proactively to protect trees from harm or damages.

Soil Compaction

One of the most common consequences of property construction is soil compaction caused by the use of heavy trucks, service vehicles, and construction equipment on the property. When soil gets compacted, it can make it nearly impossible for tree and plant roots to obtain any oxygen, water, or vital minerals from the soil. Even if the soil is not compacted on your own residential or commercial property, a neighboring property with compacted soil can negatively impact your property because the soil will not be able to absorb rainfall as well and can lead to excess rain runoff flowing onto your property and washing away valuable topsoil.

Tree Injuries From Vehicles and Equipment

Another problem that arises when nearby properties have ongoing construction projects is that construction vehicles and equipment can damage trees on your own residential or commercial property. Tree roots can be severed as equipment and vehicles are transported, major tree limbs and branches can be cracked or completely broken off because of taller cranes or trucks, and tree trunks can be wounded and damaged by construction debris flying around.  However, construction barriers and strategic fencing can help prevent these type of damages and make your own trees more visible to construction crews as they work near your own property. 

Property Flooding

When new home or commercial developments are constructed in existing neighborhoods, they are often completed at slightly higher elevations than nearby properties. As a result, surrounding properties may experience higher rainfall runoff on their own property and potential flooding or pools of water. Increased water on a property can suffocate a tree's feeder roots and prevent it from getting the necessary oxygen and soil minerals needed for survival.

If a neighboring property is about to begin construction near your residential or commercial site, contact LMC today about Tree Preservation Services that can protect the health, beauty, and value of your precious trees. Our Tree Preservation services help reduce potential damages and injuries to tree trunks, limbs, and root systems so they can thrive before, during, and after major construction projects. Contact LMC for more information, or go online to request a free consultation!