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As cooler weather finally leaves our area and we see a return of warmer temperatures, our commercial properties will soon need more water to help them with spring growth. For commercial property owners, irrigation systems can help supplement watering needs in between occasional rain showers, but they must be in good working condition to truly help plant life grow well. In today's LMC blog post, we look at three reasons why commercial property owners should have their irrigation systems inspected and tested.

Test Out Functionality

The most important aspect of an irrigation system inspection is to ensure that all facets of the system are working properly. Over time, sprinkler heads can malfunction and valves can stop working properly, reducing their effectiveness. Also, property needs can change because of landscape additions or upgrades, meaning some zones need more watering than before. In addition, some sprinkler heads may be cracked or damaged due to wear and tear, or damaged from lawn maintenance equipment. A regular irrigation system inspection can identify these issues and ensure repairs and changes are made immediately.

Detect Leaks or Issues

Another issue that can be identified and resolved through irrigation system inspection is possible leaks or breaks in water lines. Since many commercial property owners do not regularly walk the entirety of their lot to search for issues, the problem of a hidden water leak might go undetected for an extended period of time. However, Landscape Professionals can identify the telltale signs of an underground irrigation leak. Getting this problem identified and corrected can ensure that the irrigation system is in proper working order and not creating a huge utility expense for business owners.

Get Upgrades Before Summer Begins

Finally, an irrigation inspection can determine if the current irrigation system can still meet the irrigation needs of the commercial property, or if a system upgrade is needed because of broken components or outdated irrigation technology. Now is the ideal time to have an irrigation system replaced and upgraded because the project can be completed before the heat of summer arrives, which can be incredibly taxing on the health of a commercial site.

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