Several months ago Embark began a project to help their local community of Spring Branch, one of Houston's oldest residential districts. Shadow Oaks Elementary has been a vital part of the Spring Branch community for over 50 years, and recently completed a major renovation to its aging campus building. While its students, faculty and staff were thrilled to have a beautiful, modern learning environment, the renovation construction ultimately jeopardized the long-term health of the mature and majestic large trees surrounding the campus property. When Embark learned about the weakened and vulnerable condition of the campus trees, Embark's team of Landscape Professionals and Certified Arborists sought to preserve and protect these valuable assets by donating their landscape and tree services to Shadow Oaks Elementary.

Embark's generous and proactive decision to protect the campus landscape and trees resulted in two major victories for the students and staff of Shadow Oaks Elementary. First, the trees that were left vulnerable and weakened because of construction damage were repaired and strengthened to ensure many more years of shade and enjoyment for the students and faculty. This act of service by Embark's Certified Arborists ensured that the tree would continue to thrive and grow in a healthy and safe manner, providing shade and beauty, while also avoiding possible issues such as uneven growth or overgrown branches. Embark's tree maintenance and repair services also saved the Spring Branch ISD substantial amounts of money by protecting the existing trees instead of the district paying for tree removal and replacement. The restored and healthy trees on campus also help lower utility costs by providing much needed shade around the school building.

Secondly, Embark continued their exceptional community support by donating a butterfly garden to the staff and students of Shadow Oaks Elementary. Many campuses in older school districts such as Spring Branch often do not have the opportunity or available funds to enjoy outdoor features such as landscape gardens, beautiful shade trees or peaceful water features. However, Embark chose to provide Shadow Oaks Elementary with a serene and thriving butterfly garden, offering students and staff both year-round beauty as well as educational opportunities. The butterfly garden serves as a way for students to experience the wonders, beauty and scientific aspects of nature on their own campus.

Upon completion of both the tree restoration project and installation of the butterfly garden, Shadow Oaks Elementary principal Julie Baggerly shared with Embark her delight with the new campus addition. She commented that the plants and arrangements are "simply amazing" and that she is thankful to the entire Embark team for making this happen for her school children.

Embark Services is pleased to partner with Shadow Oaks Elementary to provide stunning outdoor spaces to Houston area children, and offers high-quality landscape and tree services to residential and commercial sites throughout the greater Houston area. Embark offers a full range of landscape maintenance and tree services including residential and commercial landscaping, tree trimming, tree planting, tree removal, weed control, soil aeration and analysis, deep root fertilization, seasonal color planting, mulching, and irrigation system installation and repair. For more information on how Embark can help transform your residential, commercial or industrial site, contact Embark directly or go online to request a free consultation.