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01 Feb 2013
The skilled Landscape Professionals of Embark Services can handle all your commercial landscape maintenance needs.

The Many Benefits of Regular Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Commercial property owners and property managers oversee a large number of responsibilities, from security to business development to landscape management. Of these, commercial landscape maintenance can often be the most time consuming, so it is essential to establish regular maintenance services for your commercial property.

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25 Jan 2013
Bed and Border Weed Control by Embark Services can transform and protect your residential, commercial or industrial property.

Bed and Border Weed Control: Making a Difference On Your Property

A beautiful, thriving turf or landscape garden can be the crown jewel of any commercial property. However, keeping your lawn and landscape garden healthy and beautiful requires regular upkeep, and in Houston's warm temperatures and high humidity, that maintenance can be a real challenge.

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11 Jan 2013
A high-quality irrigation sprinkler system is a great investment to protect your lawns, landscape gardens and trees from Houston's hot weather.

Installing Irrigation Systems In Time For Hot Weather

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If you spend any length of time in the Houston area, you learn that Houston has great food, friendly people, and very humid, hot weather for a large portion of the year. For this reason, homeowners and commercial property owners have to take extra precautions with the summer heat to protect their lawns, landscape gardens and trees to keep them well hydrated.

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04 Jan 2013
A New Year’s Resolution For Your Commercial Property

A New Year’s Resolution For Your Commercial Property

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At the start of a new year, people will often take a moment to reflect on the past year and use that reflection to shape goals and resolutions for the year ahead. Typical New Year's resolutions and goals include improving diet and exercise, establishing career or educational goals, increasing quality time with family, or starting and finishing property improvement projects.

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21 Dec 2012

Commercial Landscaping: The Importance of a Good Landscape Management Plan

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Commercial landscape management plans and multi-year budgeting can be a financial benefit to commercial property owners.As the end of another year approaches, many commercial property owners find themselves in the midst of budget preparation and analysis for the coming fiscal year. This preparation typically includes reviewing the past year's expenses to see where improvements and adjustments can be made to promote financial stability and growth.

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14 Dec 2012
The Landscape Professionals of Embark Services can perform a soil analysis on your property to correct soil quality issues and improve the health of your trees and landscape gardens.

What’s Wrong With My Soil?

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For commercial property owners, one of the first things typically done to their land is the planting of trees and landscape gardens in order to add beauty and increase the value of their property. However, there are some obstacles that can hinder or completely prevent plant and tree growth, resulting in less desirable landscapes. One of the most common but often overlooked obstacles of plant and tree growth is poor soil quality.

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05 Oct 2012
Commercial Landscape work by Embark Services at Memorial City Mall in Houston, TX

Complete Commercial Landscape Management: One Company To Meet All Your Property Needs

Business owners in today's economy understand that protecting their investments is absolutely essential in ensuring company stability and maximizing time and resources. A key investment for businesses is the proper care and ongoing maintenance for their commercial landscape and trees. The benefits of a well-maintained commercial landscape offer many benefits to businesses and property owners.

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21 Sep 2012
Tree Pruning performed by Certified Arborists from Embark Services.

The Importance of Proper Pruning

Trees are an important part of the investment we make in our property, so proper care and maintenance is critical to tree health, our personal safety, and overall aesthetics. An important part of tree care is tree pruning, and when done correctly and safely by Certified Arborists, pruning can extend tree life and our enjoyment of them for many years.

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22 Jul 2011

Landscaping - Not Just for Curb Appeal

In this day and age, property owners will go to great lengths to ensure their safety and protect their property, often through the installation of alarm and monitoring systems.  To  add an extra layer of protection around your property, a great way to help ensure personal and property security while also maintaining a beautiful landscape is the planting and maintenance of strategically-placed plants and bushes surrounding your business.  With the right landscaping, you can reduce or completely eliminate

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17 May 2011

Reasons To Hire a Qualified and Professional Tree Care Company

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Professional arborists work according to American National Standards of tree care (ANSI 300) and have years of experience.

• They can provide in-depth evaluations for hidden damage.

• Liability for services is placed on professionals.

Arborists can safely and efficiently use proper equipment.

• They will become familiar with your trees, making it easier to provide long-term tree care.

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