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22 Jul 2009

Are Webworms Making a Meal of Your Pecan Trees?

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LMC offers a full-service Plant Health Care program to help protect your trees and shrubs from pests and disease.

Through mid to late summer, you may see webworms infesting a number of trees, but they love pecans!

LMC can help with an effective, organic treatment of Bacillus thuringiensis, Bt. Treating their webs with Bt is the safest way to rid your trees of this nuisance.

Call today for a free Plant Health Care evaluation!

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22 Jul 2009

Come On In!

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Entryways serve an important purpose in the landscape. Ideally, they invite visitors to your home. If your entryway is less than welcoming, here are some quick tips for improving its appeal:

Refinish or repaint the front door and add a door knocker or door knob hardware;Make sure your front porch is free of clutter and repair damage, if necessary;Decorate your porch with containers or hanging plants;Include color beds on either side of the entry way to draw visitors in and improve the view from the street;Make sure the walkway to the front door is well lit at night.

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21 Jul 2009

Managing Drought Stress in Your Trees

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The Houston area is known for hot, dry weather and this summer is shaping up to be no exception. While your lawn may provide more obvious signs of drought stress, your trees may also be quietly suffering. Here are a few signs to look for and what you can do to help:

Signs of drought stress in your trees may appear quickly or gradually (over a period of years) and may include:

1. Leaves which are wilting, curling, yellowing

2. Deciduous leaves may turn brown on the edges or between the veins

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03 Jun 2009

Handling Damaged Trees With Care

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For much of Houston's urban forest, spring 2009 will be a much needed rebirth following the damage left behind by Hurricane Ike. In contrast to the blossoming green hue, however, are the reminders of those destructive winds. Many homeowners and property managers are just now finding evidence of damage as portions of their trees' canopies fail to emerge with new growth.

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