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18 Jan 2019
What You Should Know About Crepe Myrtle Trees

What You Should Know About Crepe Myrtle Trees

Texas is home to many tree types, but few are as popular among local homeowners as crepe myrtles. They offer stunning beauty for many months of the year while also providing valuable shade. While many residential properties feature crepe myrtles, not all receive good care or maintenance. In today's Embark blog post, we look at some of the basic facts homeowners should know about their crepe myrtle trees and the proper way to maintain their health and beauty throughout the year.

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04 Jan 2019
How To Kick Start Your Commercial Property This New Year

How To Kick Start Your Commercial Property This New Year

The start of a new year is often a time of reflection and action as people and companies look to make improvements and perform long-overdue maintenance. Just like people and businesses, commercial properties can also benefit from New Year improvements and maintenance. In today's LMC blog post, we look at a few ways you can help your commercial property thrive in the new year for lasting health, beauty, and strength.

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23 May 2014
Vegetation Management and Right of Way Clearance keeps properties and workers safe.

Increasing Safety Through Vegetation Management

Because of our diverse economy, Houston is home to a large number of businesses in the food, oil, gas and chemical industries. These properties require a tremendous amount of worksite safety procedures to protect employees as well as nearby property, equipment and inventory. However, it is just as important to secure the exterior areas of a property through proper landscape and tree care maintenance. Proactive Vegetation Management can further protects employees, company structures, and nearby wildlife.

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10 Dec 2013
Tree inspections by Embark's Certified Arborists can help save both your trees and the lives of those nearby.

Tree Inspections Can Save Both Trees and Lives

Tree inspections and tree structure evaluations are important gauges in determining the strength, health and long-term stability of a tree on a residential or commercial property. Most tree owners do not have the technical training or expertise to clearly identify such problems as tree diseases, insect infestations, structural problems or weakened root systems.

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18 Oct 2013
Increase the property value of commercial real estate with quality landscaping from Embark Services.

Increase The Financial Value of Commercial Real Estate With Quality Landscaping

For commercial real estate owners and property managers, having steady streams of revenue is vital to the health and strength of their business, helping protect their long-term investment. However, another major component of owning or managing commercial real estate and properties is maintaining and improving property values.

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24 Sep 2013
Fall weather is the perfect time to get tree trimming and mulching done to protect trees through the cooler weather.

Improve Your Trees This Fall

As we officially say goodbye to summer and welcome in the fall season, there any many things that begin to change to mark this occasion. For example, Houstonians begin to experience some relief from the brutal summer heat and humidity with cooler temperatures and milder weather. Additionally, people begin to spend more time in their front and backyards as the weather becomes more pleasant with fewer insects nearby.

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09 Aug 2013
Embark Services helps residential and commercial property developers preserve the beautiful, mature trees within the Houston area.

The Importance of Preserving Mature Trees

As Houston continues to enjoy a robust and thriving economy, businesses and commercial real estate developers are quickly purchasing land and constructing new buildings and office space throughout the city. Although Houston's exciting growth is resulting in rapid job creation and a stronger local economy, there is another result of the development and construction that is not so positive, and that is the removal of many of our local trees.

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02 Jul 2013
Embark Services offers outstanding Commercial Landscape Management services that will add beauty and value to any commercial real estate.

Add Value To Commercial Real Estate With Beautiful Landscape Management

Despite current economic woes across the U.S., Houston is one of the top cities in the country for job creation and business growth and development. As a result of our local economic boom, there is an influx of business construction and real estate development across the entire greater Houston area, particularly in The Woodlands, Sugar Land and West Houston. As commercial real estate develops across Houston, property owners are eager to highlight their properties and business parks to promote growth and stability.

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15 Mar 2013
The Certified Arborists of Embark Services are pleased to diagnose and resolve your tree care issues, from tree trimming to tree removal.

Factors To Consider Before Removing a Tree

Trees are an important part of our property and its overall value. They provide much needed shade in Houston's hot and humid climate, and they add aesthetic value and noise reduction as well. However, trees on our property can become damaged over time or be the source of other problems on our property, so you might consider tree removal as the solution to your existing problems. Because removing a tree from your property is a major process, it is best to consider some important factors before you make this decision.

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28 Dec 2012
Embark Services can help protect and stabilize your trees before winter wind storms hit.

The Aftermath of Wind Damage

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Although Houston typically experiences milder winters, home and property owners can still face high winds and strong storms in the winter months, sometimes resulting in tree damage and tree problems. All types of trees, whether they are young saplings or mature trees, can experience damage due to high winds and flying debris. Wind storms can cause a wide range of tree problems from tree crown to tree trunks to tree roots, so it is critical to get proactive tree work done before wind storm damage impacts trees on your property.

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