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For homeowners associations, selecting the right landscape management and tree work company is of utmost importance because of the large number of residents impacted by their work. When landscape maintenance and tree care is performed correctly, the area is vibrant and healthy and resident satisfaction is high. However, the wrong lawn maintenance and tree care company can leave landscape gardens ugly and unkempt, trees weakened and unhealthy, and lawns dry or overgrown. Ultimately, poor maintenance could result in apartment renters less likely to renew their leases, or homeowners more likely to move elsewhere or take issue with the homeowners association. 

Homeowners Associations and apartment complexes benefit by selecting Embark Services to manage their landscape maintenance and tree work needs.LMC, Houston's single-source solution for all landscape management and tree work needs, offers maintenance options for homeowners associations that protects and enhances your property's natural beauty and ambiance. Their Landscape Professionals and Certified Arborists have the training and experience, specialized equipment and commitment to excellence needed to transform your property and increase resident satisfaction. LMC's full array of services include full lawn maintenance, landscape gardens planting and mulching, and irrigation system installation and repair.  Request a visit from their landscape and tree care experts today, or contact LMC for more information.

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