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17 Aug 2018
How Landscaping Services Can Help You Attract and Retain Apartment Tenants

How Landscaping Services Can Help You Attract and Retain Apartment Tenants

Managing an apartment complex or multi-family residential property can come with a unique set of challenges, as managers must deal with both constant property maintenance and tenant needs. High tenant turnover can complicate it even further as the search and screening process for new renters can be tedious, so it's important for many property managers to keep their current tenants happy. When tenants are offered stunning landscaping and fun outdoor amenities, they are far more likely to renew their lease, recommend the complex to others, and help increase the demand for available units.

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16 May 2014
Apartment complexes can increase outdoor safety for residents and visitors through quality landscape maintenance and tree care from Embark Services.

Improving Outdoor Safety In Apartment Complexes

When renters are searching for an apartment complex to call home, there are several factors that weigh heavily in their decision. Apartment complex owners and managers will often appeal to potential renters by promoting their low rents, affordable utilities, desirable location, vast amenities, and spacious apartment units. In this competitive market, another way apartment complexes can attract and retain renters is to improve the outdoor safety and beauty of the complex.

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04 Feb 2014
Apartment complexes gain financial, aesthetic and security value through the addition of beautiful shade trees and landscapes by Embark Services.

Apartment Complexes Benefit From Healthy Trees and Landscapes

In Houston's growing economy, businesses are always looking for innovative new ways to attract and retain customers or tenants. Over the last decade, Houston has seen extensive development both in residential communities as well as apartment construction. As a result, existing apartment complexes have been hit with a large influx of competition, meaning they have to strive even harder to attract new renters and retain current tenants.

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12 Oct 2012
Embark Services handles apartment complex maintenance with efficiency and care.

Apartment Complex Maintenance That Leaves Managers and Renters Satisfied

As any apartment complex property manager or owner can attest, maintaining their property and surrounding landscape is crucial to ensuring resident satisfaction and retention, which is critical in today's competitive economic market. There are many benefits to living in an apartment complex, one of which is being surrounded by well-manicured, lush landscapes and vibrant shade trees without the personal sacrifice of having to maintain those lawns, gardens and trees.

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