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13 Nov 2015
How Can Soil Hurt My Trees?

How Can Soil Hurt My Trees?

When a tree or lawn begins to decline in health and in growth, commercial property owners often scramble to determine the cause. Some might suspect poor watering, insect infestations, or hidden damages. Although these three can lead to poor growth for lawns and trees, a common culprit often overlooked by commercial property owners is poor soil health.

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23 Dec 2014
Three Ways Cabling and Bracing Trees Can Save Money

Three Ways Cabling and Bracing Trees Can Save Money

Owning a commercial property is an important investment, so property owners are often eager to protect their property health, beauty and value, especially for properties with shade trees. Cabling and Bracing is a tree care service that preserves tree health and helps property owners realize tremendous financial savings on a long-term basis. In today's blog post, we'll explain the Cabling and Bracing process, and three ways it can save property owners money.

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07 Jan 2014
Embark's landscape and tree services help give homeowners and business property owners back valuable time.

How To Get More Time For Your Business

In the busyness of everyday life, Houstonians often find themselves pulled in multiple directions in a given day, or have several things competing for their time and attention. For many business owners, the rampant cycle of demands and priorities can often result in project delays or people being ignored. For example, heavy demands for time and attention can lead to lower productivity, decreased sales, lackluster customer service, or poor maintenance of offices or commercial properties.

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