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15 Jan 2016
Three Ways To Reduce Soil Erosion on Your Commercial Property

Three Ways To Reduce Soil Erosion on Your Commercial Property

Nothing attracts customers and welcomes employees more than a stunning commercial landscape and health shade trees. However, a commercial property will only thrive and remain healthy if there is nutrient-rich topsoil to nourish grass, plants, and trees. When soil is removed from the property due to high winds or water runoff, it can leave the soil depleted and make plants, grass, and trees more vulnerable to diseases and death.

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08 Jan 2016
The Importance of Knowing How and When To Water

The Importance of Knowing How and When To Water

Water is a vital part of our own health, and also the health of our lawns, gardens, and trees. Although there are studies and recommendations regarding our own personal daily water consumption, there can be confusion about how much water commercial properties, gardens, and trees actually need. Some of the watering confusion stems from differences in grass, plants, tree species, as well as which region or zone your commercial property is located.

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13 Mar 2015
Four Reasons Why Businesses Should Partner With A Reputable Tree and Landscape Company

Four Reasons Why Businesses Should Partner With A Reputable Tree and Landscape Company

Companies throughout the greater Houston area are often looking for strategic partnerships that can be fiscally beneficial with lower risk. One of the ways businesses can make a strategic partnership that offers a variety of financial and property benefits is by choosing to work exclusively with professional landscape and tree care companies. In today's blog post, we'll look at four reasons why companies can benefit by avoiding the amateur, mom-and-pop landscapers and tree crews and instead choosing safe, efficient and professional tree care and landscape service providers.

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06 Feb 2015
Why Tree Care Recommendations Matter

Why Tree Care Recommendations Matter

Whether through social media or face-to-face, we may often seek out recommendations for businesses or service providers, such as a new restaurant to try, a good hair stylist, a reliable plumbing contractor, or an honest car mechanic. These can be valuable tools for us to weed out less desirable or unprofessional companies and give our business to reputable ones instead. In today's blog post, we'll look at why positive recommendations matter when choosing a tree care or landscape company.

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14 Oct 2014
Commercial landscape management plans can help streamline landscape budgets while keeping trees and gardens beautiful.

Four Ways To Improve Your Commercial Landscape Budget

In Houston, our warm climate and longer growing season means commercial properties need much more landscape and tree care maintenance throughout the year. Unfortunately for some business owners, these landscape maintenance costs can have a significant impact on their annual budget. However, there are four ways that business owners can improve their commercial landscape budget without sacrificing their property's beauty, health and value.

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07 Oct 2014

Is Your HOA Making One Of These Landscaping Mistakes?

Homeowners Associations, commonly known as HOAs, are the governing body of a neighborhood, community or complex, and are tasked with making and enforcing neighborhood rules and deed restrictions. In addition, HOAs are also responsible for ensuring that the neighborhood landscaping, common green space, and surrounding trees are maintained. Unfortunately, some Houston area HOA's make poor decisions regarding the landscape and tree maintenance of their community, damaging curb appeal and threatening property values.

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02 Sep 2014
Commercial property owners and managers need to determine specific landscape needs when searching for the right commercial landscape service provider.

What Are Your Commercial Landscape Needs?

Commercial property managers and property owners always want their land to look its best, both to ensure beauty and health, and also to protect financial investments. Choosing the right commercial landscape service provider is a crucial step since landscaping is one of the main focal points of a commercial property, and landscaping maintenance costs can represent a large portion of a property maintenance budget.

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16 May 2014
Apartment complexes can increase outdoor safety for residents and visitors through quality landscape maintenance and tree care from Embark Services.

Improving Outdoor Safety In Apartment Complexes

When renters are searching for an apartment complex to call home, there are several factors that weigh heavily in their decision. Apartment complex owners and managers will often appeal to potential renters by promoting their low rents, affordable utilities, desirable location, vast amenities, and spacious apartment units. In this competitive market, another way apartment complexes can attract and retain renters is to improve the outdoor safety and beauty of the complex.

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10 Jan 2014
Soil aeration offers many benefits to commercial property owners looking to improve property health, beauty and value.

The Top Five Ways Soil Aeration Can Improve Commercial Properties

Commercial property owners and managers are often searching for ways to make their property more valuable, either by adding landscaping or offering amenities such as beautiful shade trees or tranquil water features.

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07 Jan 2014
Embark's landscape and tree services help give homeowners and business property owners back valuable time.

How To Get More Time For Your Business

In the busyness of everyday life, Houstonians often find themselves pulled in multiple directions in a given day, or have several things competing for their time and attention. For many business owners, the rampant cycle of demands and priorities can often result in project delays or people being ignored. For example, heavy demands for time and attention can lead to lower productivity, decreased sales, lackluster customer service, or poor maintenance of offices or commercial properties.

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