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16 Jun 2017
How To Prep Your Trees For Hurricane Season

How To Prep Your Trees For Hurricane Season

No matter how much we prepare and protect our home or business during hurricane season, there will always be areas of our property that remain vulnerable to damages from hurricane-force winds and heavy rainfall. For example, our trees can be severely damaged or completely uprooted because of hurricane-force winds and torrential rainfall. Tree damage can have a significant financial impact to property owners, through the loss of valuable shade, decreased property value, increased utility bills, and even damages to nearby properties and structures.

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08 Jan 2016
The Importance of Knowing How and When To Water

The Importance of Knowing How and When To Water

Water is a vital part of our own health, and also the health of our lawns, gardens, and trees. Although there are studies and recommendations regarding our own personal daily water consumption, there can be confusion about how much water commercial properties, gardens, and trees actually need. Some of the watering confusion stems from differences in grass, plants, tree species, as well as which region or zone your commercial property is located.

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19 Sep 2014
Houston commercial properties benefit greatly from the addition of strategically-placed landscape lighting from Embark.

Four Advantages of Adding Landscape Lighting To Commercial Properties

In the daytime, commercial properties are easily visible to individuals driving, walking or riding by, but at night some commercial properties struggle to make their business, entryways and signage clearly visible. The addition of strategically placed landscape lighting can make a huge impact in both the basic visibility of a commercial property, and also the overall aesthetic of the commercial site. There are four distinct advantages to adding landscaping lighting to commercial properties that we'll focus on today.

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