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30 Jan 2015
Can Trees Save Our Neighborhood?

Can Trees Save Our Neighborhood?

Business owners, Homeowners Associations and civic leaders are often looking for new ways to improve their neighborhood or local community, as well as protect property values. While some options can be lengthy and complex, such as road improvements and sidewalk installations, others are simple and can offer years of benefits for the entire community. Tree planting is a simple and cost-effective solution that offers tremendous financial, aesthetic and environmental benefits for businesses, communities and towns for generations.

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09 Jan 2015
How To Care For New Trees

How To Care For New Trees

There are a large number of Houstonians with new trees to plant on their residential property. Some homeowners receive young fruit and nut trees as Christmas gifts from loved ones, while others may purchase trees to add shade or privacy to their residential space. Trees are always beautiful and valuable assets to any residential property, which is why it is essential to give them proper care from the start to ensure years of beauty, health and enjoyment. In today's blog post, we'll look at three important tips for caring for new, young trees for maximum tree health.

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26 Nov 2013
This tree displays signs of severe insect infestation, which Embark Services can easily treat to save the life of valuable trees.

Don’t Ignore Sick or Diseased Trees

For some people, tree care simply means remembering to water the trees and occasionally get mulch to help it grow. However, good tree maintenance requires diligence and proactive steps to ensure trees remain healthy and strong. One way commercial and residential property owners can help protect and extend the life of their trees is to ensure all tree diseases and suspicious tree growths are immediately analyzed and treated.

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