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15 Jul 2016
Three Ways To Improve HOA Landscaping

Three Ways To Improve HOA Landscaping

Houston-area Homeowners Associations are responsible for two critical tasks: enforcing neighborhood restrictions and also ensuring that the community is well maintained to protect property values. One key way HOAs preserve home values and community standing is by ensuring that the neighborhood always looks its best, particularly in high traffic areas. Unfortunately, over time neighborhoods and subdivisions can lose their luster if the HOA does not have these prominent sections regularly improved or enhanced for maximum curb appeal.

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07 Oct 2014

Is Your HOA Making One Of These Landscaping Mistakes?

Homeowners Associations, commonly known as HOAs, are the governing body of a neighborhood, community or complex, and are tasked with making and enforcing neighborhood rules and deed restrictions. In addition, HOAs are also responsible for ensuring that the neighborhood landscaping, common green space, and surrounding trees are maintained. Unfortunately, some Houston area HOA's make poor decisions regarding the landscape and tree maintenance of their community, damaging curb appeal and threatening property values.

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15 Apr 2014
Be sure to avoid landscape and tree work contractors that are not bondable, because leaves property owners without a way to be reimbursed for incomplete projects or poor workmanship.

The Importance of Hiring Fully Insured and Bonded Contractors: Part Two

The phrase "fully insured and bonded" is used quite often in the landscape and tree care industry, but many homeowners, Homeowner Associations, and commercial property owners are often unaware of what the phrase actually means. It is important for property owners to be educated consumers and learn the importance of this phrase, as well as why they should avoid companies that are not fully insured and bonded.

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08 Apr 2014
Homeowners Associations and their residents can be at risk when amateur and unsafe contractors are hired for landscape and tree maintenance.

Is A Contracted Landscaper or Tree Crew Putting Your HOA At Risk?

Homeowners Associations are tasked with enforcing neighborhood deed restrictions, protecting property values and maintaining the beauty of the community for residents. In order to help maintain the beauty and health of grass, trees and landscape gardens in community entrances and shared common areas, HOAs hire tree and landscape maintenance crews on a contract basis for their services.

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15 Nov 2013
When Embark Services maintains landscapes and trees for subdivisions, Houston area residents can trust that their HOA annual dues are being spent well.

Are Your HOA Fees Paying For Substandard Landscaping and Maintenance?

Many residents in the greater Houston area have started to receive a bill for their annual Homeowners Association fees. These fees typically cover the costs of community landscaping, tree care, community pool maintenance, and upkeep for subdivision parks and walking areas.

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15 Feb 2013
Homeowners Associations can improve and protect their property values through the high quality maintenance services offered by Embark Services.

Homeowners Associations: Making Smarter Decisions For Your Neighborhood

Preserving the beauty and property value of our communities is the job of every resident within our neighborhoods, but it is also a major priority of our area Homeowners Associations. These HOA groups strive to protect our property investments through the improvement and preservation of our shared community areas, such as entryways, medians, walkways, walking trails and community recreation areas.

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