27 Mar 2015
How To Protect Your Property From Invasive Insects and Diseases

How To Protect Your Property From Invasive Insects and Diseases

From afar, a residential or commercial property might look like the pinnacle of health and beauty because of regular maintenance and beautiful landscaping. However, there may be hidden dangers threatening the health and beauty of a property. No matter how much time and energy we have invested in the health and beauty of our lawn and trees, the reality is that invasive insects and diseases can attack them at any time.

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03 Jun 2014
Embark's full range of landscape and tree care services can help reduce the threat of mosquitos and other stinging insects, allowing you to enjoy your property year-round.

Reduce The Threat Of Mosquitos and Other Insects This Summer

In addition to high temperatures and sweltering humidity, Houstonians also have to contend with mosquitos and other invasive insects during the summer. However, there are proactive steps commercial property owners can take to reduce the presence of mosquitos and other insects through the Houston summer months. Property owners and their customers, guests and vendors can enjoy their exterior spaces without being subjected to painful bites and stings from invasive pests.

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05 Jul 2013
Insect infestations such as scale and aphids can be easily treated by the Landscape Professionals of Embark Services.

Is It Worth It To Treat Insect Infestations On Your Own?

Many people enjoy gardening and caring for their lawns, gardens and trees, but not all property owners have the expertise, specialized equipment or safety training needed to handle these jobs correctly. While some may have the experience and equipment needed to mow a lawn or trim shrubs, landscape and tree care professionals should handle certain lawn and tree care needs.

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