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29 Jul 2016
What Is Xeriscaping And How Does It Help Commercial Properties?

What Is Xeriscaping And How Does It Help Commercial Properties?

Commercial property owners are often looking for ways to keep their land vibrant, healthy, and attractive while also lowering their maintenance and utility costs. Additionally, older commercial properties may be in dire need of a landscape renovation that includes adding low-maintenance plants, trees, and shrubs. For commercial property owners desiring simple, beautiful, and low-maintenance landscapes, xeriscaping may be the ideal solution.

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17 Jun 2016
How Much Care Do New Trees Need?

How Much Care Do New Trees Need?

Every month, hundreds of young trees are planted throughout the greater Houston area, whether near large commercial centers, new subdivisions, or residential properties. Although these trees may vary greatly in variety and size, they all have the same basic needs in order to thrive in their new environment. Today's blog post takes an in-depth look at how much care new trees need, and why professional tree care is the best way to ensure young trees have a strong, healthy, and beautiful life for decades to come.

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08 Jan 2016
The Importance of Knowing How and When To Water

The Importance of Knowing How and When To Water

Water is a vital part of our own health, and also the health of our lawns, gardens, and trees. Although there are studies and recommendations regarding our own personal daily water consumption, there can be confusion about how much water commercial properties, gardens, and trees actually need. Some of the watering confusion stems from differences in grass, plants, tree species, as well as which region or zone your commercial property is located.

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09 Dec 2014
This cottonwood tree is suffering from a tree disease that threatens its stability and has created a liability issue for property owners.

Are My Trees An Asset or Liability?

Although trees are typically considered an asset on commercial or residential properties, a number of factors can transform these assets into liabilities for property owners. Property owners that leave hazardous or sick trees on their property for too long take a risk of suffering property damages, personal injuries and high liability costs down the road. It's important for property owners to be aware of tree issues so they can make informed decisions and protect their property investment.

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04 Jul 2014
There are many significant benefits to having a professionally-installed irrigation system from Embark Services.

What Are The Benefits of An Irrigation System?

For commercial property owners, maintaining a beautiful lawn can often be a grueling process, especially with Houston's hot summers and high humidity. One of the most difficult parts of keeping a property green and healthy is maintaining a proper watering schedule. Houston's lawns, gardens and trees require regular watering to stay healthy, grow and gain vital nutrients to endure the hot temperatures. The simple solution to keeping properties healthy and watered is the installation of an automated irrigation system.

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20 May 2014
Make sure your property meets your outdoor needs through Embark's quality landscaping and tree care services.

Is Your Property Meeting Your Needs?

People buy homes in the Houston area for a variety of reasons, which can include a desire for home ownership, proximity to good schools, greater home values, shorter work commutes, and more square footage. After time, a property might no longer meet individual or family needs, particularly in regards to outdoor enjoyment and usage. Every few years, homeowners should evaluate whether or not their current property is meeting their specific outdoor needs.

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11 Mar 2014
Regular inspections of landscapes and trees ensures residential and commercial properties are healthy and stable.

Why It’s Important To Have Your Land Inspected, Part One

We tend to evaluate and examine many things in our lives, such as our health, finances, relationships, and even possessions such as cars and homes. By carefully examining these things, we can discover areas of improvement, issues that need correction or repair, and those that need to be eliminated completely. One area that should be regularly examined is the health and condition of our property. It's important to understand which parts of your property should be examined, how often, and the benefits of regular inspection.

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17 Jan 2014
Large mulch piles around trees are not only unattractive, but they can cause wide-spread and long-lasting damage to tree health.  Embark Services can help remove these volcano mulch piles and keep your trees in healthy shape.

Get Rid of The Mulch Volcano Around Your Trees!

While most tree owners realize the many benefits of applying mulch to trees throughout the year, many make the mistake of having too much mulch applied to their trees, creating a volcano-like pile of mulch.

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06 Dec 2013
Excessive tree trimming, especially on young trees, can be detrimental to their growth and health, often causing irreverable damage or death.

Poor Tree Pruning Can Severely Harm Your Property

Many residential and commercial property owners understand that in order to maintain the health, beauty and value of trees, they must be well cared for throughout the year. Attentive tree care maintenance includes regular watering, mulching and tree pruning. However, too much maintenance in any of these three areas can easily lead to severe tree damage and possibly even tree death.

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22 Nov 2013
LMC is pleased to offer LEED Landscape Maintenance Services for LEED-certified and LEED-EBOM projects throughout the greater Houston area.

LMC Leads The Way In LEED Landscape Maintenance

In recent years, a growing number of businesses and government organizations throughout the U.S. have begun promoting environmentally friendly or green initiative construction and maintenance through Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED). LEED is a ratings system for the design, construction, maintenance and operational functions of green homes, communities and business structures.

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