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05 Feb 2016
The Healing Benefits Of A Beautiful Property

The Healing Benefits Of A Beautiful Property

Houston is known throughout the globe for our world-renowned hospitals, cutting-edge medical research, exceptional clinics, and some of the best treatment facilities available. However, researchers across the world are finding that effective, world-class medical treatment doesn't just include what happens inside a hospital, but what's outside as well.

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03 Jul 2015
Four Ways Commercial Landscaping Can Attract Long-Term Tenants

Four Ways Commercial Landscaping Can Attract Long-Term Tenants

For commercial property owners and management companies, the ideal tenant is a stable, long-term tenant with a popular business to bring in customers on a regular basis. However, in Houston's growing economy many commercial real estate owners and management companies must aggressively compete to win over these sought-after tenants, since price is not the sole factor for many potential tenants. In today's blog post, we'll look at four ways that beautiful commercial landscaping can attract long-term tenants.

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28 Apr 2015
Aren’t All Soils and Mulches The Same?

Aren’t All Soils and Mulches The Same?

If your commercial property needs soil or mulch, do you know what kind you should buy? Do you feel overwhelmed at the many types of soil and mulch available on the market? The honest truth is that there isn't one single type of soil or mulch that works for all properties. It's important for property owners to understand that the variances in soils and mulches can make a huge impact on the health and beauty of your property.

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12 Dec 2014
For the new year, commercial property owners should consider these landscape improvements to add value, improve aesthetics, and protect the health of their commercial site.

Commercial Landscape Improvements To Consider For The New Year

This time of the year, many Houston commercial property owners are busy finalizing budgets and developing business strategies for the coming year. One area that is important not to overlook is in regards to commercial landscape improvements. Simple but strategic changes can dramatically alter and improve the look, value and health of a commercial property. In today's blog post, we'll focus on three commercial landscape improvements to consider for 2015.

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05 Aug 2014
Properties are safer when professional landscape and tree care companies, like Embark, are used instead of amateur or basic workers.

Professional Landscaping and Tree Care Makes Properties Safer

Property owners take many precautions to keep their homes and businesses safe, such as installing alarm systems, purchasing fire extinguishers, and developing safety strategies in case of emergencies. However, property owners can increase the security of themselves and their property by having professional landscaping and tree care maintenance on a regular basis. A professional tree and landscape service company will ensure that your lawn, trees and garden remain beautiful and in optimal health.

Trees Grow The Right Way

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04 Jul 2014
There are many significant benefits to having a professionally-installed irrigation system from Embark Services.

What Are The Benefits of An Irrigation System?

For commercial property owners, maintaining a beautiful lawn can often be a grueling process, especially with Houston's hot summers and high humidity. One of the most difficult parts of keeping a property green and healthy is maintaining a proper watering schedule. Houston's lawns, gardens and trees require regular watering to stay healthy, grow and gain vital nutrients to endure the hot temperatures. The simple solution to keeping properties healthy and watered is the installation of an automated irrigation system.

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03 Jun 2014
Embark's full range of landscape and tree care services can help reduce the threat of mosquitos and other stinging insects, allowing you to enjoy your property year-round.

Reduce The Threat Of Mosquitos and Other Insects This Summer

In addition to high temperatures and sweltering humidity, Houstonians also have to contend with mosquitos and other invasive insects during the summer. However, there are proactive steps commercial property owners can take to reduce the presence of mosquitos and other insects through the Houston summer months. Property owners and their customers, guests and vendors can enjoy their exterior spaces without being subjected to painful bites and stings from invasive pests.

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08 Apr 2014
Homeowners Associations and their residents can be at risk when amateur and unsafe contractors are hired for landscape and tree maintenance.

Is A Contracted Landscaper or Tree Crew Putting Your HOA At Risk?

Homeowners Associations are tasked with enforcing neighborhood deed restrictions, protecting property values and maintaining the beauty of the community for residents. In order to help maintain the beauty and health of grass, trees and landscape gardens in community entrances and shared common areas, HOAs hire tree and landscape maintenance crews on a contract basis for their services.

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01 Apr 2014
If your irrigation system isn't working properly, let Emabrk diagnose and repair the problem before the summer heat arrives.

Why Is My Irrigation System Not Working?

When spring arrives in Houston, many homeowners and commercial property managers resume regular lawn and landscape maintenance. This will often include restarting irrigation systems that were turned off during the colder winter months. However, some property owners discover that their irrigation system or sprinkler heads no longer functioning properly, so prompt maintenance and repair is critical to ensure lawns get the water they need in the spring growing season.

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04 Feb 2014
Apartment complexes gain financial, aesthetic and security value through the addition of beautiful shade trees and landscapes by Embark Services.

Apartment Complexes Benefit From Healthy Trees and Landscapes

In Houston's growing economy, businesses are always looking for innovative new ways to attract and retain customers or tenants. Over the last decade, Houston has seen extensive development both in residential communities as well as apartment construction. As a result, existing apartment complexes have been hit with a large influx of competition, meaning they have to strive even harder to attract new renters and retain current tenants.

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