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31 Jan 2014
Icy weather can negatively impact trees, landscape gardens and lawns.

How Does Icy Weather Impact Trees, Lawns and Gardens?

The Houston area has been experiencing Arctic blasts that bring the region below-freezing temperatures, high winds and icy weather. Although the ice accumulations are not heavy and the cold weather does not stay long, their impact on our local trees, gardens and plants can be significant. To ensure the health and vitality of residential and commercial properties, it is important to have Certified Arborists and Landscape Professionals evaluate trees, landscape gardens and turf to assess damage.

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07 Jan 2014
Embark's landscape and tree services help give homeowners and business property owners back valuable time.

How To Get More Time For Your Business

In the busyness of everyday life, Houstonians often find themselves pulled in multiple directions in a given day, or have several things competing for their time and attention. For many business owners, the rampant cycle of demands and priorities can often result in project delays or people being ignored. For example, heavy demands for time and attention can lead to lower productivity, decreased sales, lackluster customer service, or poor maintenance of offices or commercial properties.

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03 Jan 2014
This year, make a resolution to improve your property with the help of Embark's Landscape Professionals and Certified Arborists.

Making A New Year’s Resolution To Improve Your Property

As we begin a New Year, many people begin making their New Year's resolutions, whether it's to start exercising, quit smoking, eat healthier meals, donate more to charity, or spend more time with their family. Most resolutions revolve around personal decisions and habits, but a new year is the perfect opportunity to assess other areas, such as work habits, financial goals, and even property health. A majority of commercial property owners could benefit by making New Year's Resolutions to improve their property to increase its health, beauty and value.

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13 Sep 2013
Office towers and businesses can benefit through adding beautiful, lush landscaping to the surrounding property.

Attract More Customers To Your Business With Quality Landscaping

The greater Houston area currently enjoys a robust and expanding economy, but competition for revenue is fierce among the various retail centers and shopping districts throughout the city. Retail shops, businesses and restaurants are all vying to bring in more foot traffic and customers, and increase their quarterly and annual revenues. While many business owners try attracting customers through coupons and ads in local magazines and mailboxes, one way that can easily draw customers in the front door is through well maintained, beautiful landscaping and trees.

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31 May 2013
Effective hurricane preparation can begin now with the Certified Arborists of Embark Services trimming or cabling and bracing your trees.

Effective Hurricane Preparation Starts Now

Hurricane season officially begins June 1, and residents and property owners across the Gulf Coast and Houston area will begin to keep their eye on the Gulf of Mexico for any signs of hurricanes or tropical storms or depressions. Although hurricanes bring with them intense weather conditions such as heavy rains and strong winds, they typically develop far enough to give residents a few days to evacuate or develop emergency plans to ride out the storm.

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24 May 2013
Homeowners Associations that want to transform the look of their community can do so with Embark Services and their Bed and Border Landscape Maintenance and Weed Control.

Increase Your Neighborhood’s Beauty and Value With Bed and Border Maintenance

Homeowner's Associations throughout Houston are tasked with maintaining property values and protecting the beauty and vitality of their communities. HOA management groups often do this through enforcing deed restrictions and neighborhood guidelines, but an easy and beneficial way Homeowner Associations can do this is through ongoing Bed and Border Maintenance and Weed Control.

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17 May 2013
Embark Services can help you prevent or minimize windstorm damage to your trees, lawn and landscape gardens.

Protecting Your Property From Wind Damage

For Houston area property owners, the approaching summer doesn't just mean the return of hot weather and pesky mosquitos, but also the beginning of hurricane season and severe summer storms. With hurricanes and summer storms come torrential rains, severe lightning and strong winds that can cause extensive damage. Although we cannot prevent rainfall or lightning strikes, we can easily protect our residential or commercial property by taking proactive steps to minimize or eliminate potential damage caused by windstorms.

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26 Apr 2013
A high-quality irrigation system installed by Embark Services can provide proper watering for your trees, turf and landscape gardens.

Proper Watering Will Save Your Property

Any commercial property owner understands the critical need for regular watering of trees, lawns, and landscape gardens. However, what is not always understood is exactly how much water is needed to protect our property value and ensure the health and vitality of our trees and turf.

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19 Apr 2013
Embark Services offers well-planned, customized irrigation systems that meet the moisture needs of your specific turf, landscape gardens and trees.

Well-Planned Irrigation Systems Make The Most Difference

Over the last two years, property owners throughout the greater Houston area have faced an uphill battle against difficult drought conditions, leaving commercial and residential properties dry and damaged. As a result, many property owners are hoping to protect their lawns, landscape gardens and trees from this year's projected drought with the installation of an irrigation system.

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05 Apr 2013
Bad tree trimming by basic, unskilled landscape companies can damage tree health and reduce property values.

Common Mistakes by Basic Landscape Companies

When we hire a company to perform a service for us, whether it's house painting, roofing, carpet-cleaning or landscape maintenance, we expect to receive quality services for the price we pay. We want the work to be done safely, thoroughly, and with expert care so that the job is done right the first time. When a service job is not performed well, it is typically quite evident to the consumer, who will notice spots still left in their carpet, or patches of uneven paint on their sheetrock.

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