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22 Jul 2016
How Can Landscape Lighting Improve Security on Commercial Properties?

How Can Landscape Lighting Improve Security on Commercial Properties?

Commercial properties may look stunning and inviting during the daytime, but can appear unattractive and unsafe in the evening without proper landscape lighting. Although it might seem unnecessary, landscape lighting can offer substantial benefits to commercial property owners from a safety perspective. Without landscape lighting strategically placed throughout a commercial property, businesses might become a bigger target for thieves, robbers, and vandals.

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29 Jan 2016
Understanding the Three Types of Commercial Landscape Lighting

Understanding the Three Types of Commercial Landscape Lighting

Commercial property owners often look for new ways to improve their outdoor space and draw positive attention to both their business and landscape features. Landscape lighting is an effective way to add both security and elegance to a commercial property, but property owners should first understand the many options and functions available in the landscape lighting market.

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16 Dec 2014
Overgrown brush, tall grass and invasive weeds can negatively impact commercial properties and industrial lots.

The Dangers of Overgrown Brush On Commercial Lots

Commercial properties often require a larger amount of on-going maintenance, including driveways and parking lots, building upkeep, signage and business lighting, and landscape maintenance. One area that can be commonly overlooked is in regards to surrounding landscape maintenance and vegetation management around the perimeter of a business lot.

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12 Dec 2014
For the new year, commercial property owners should consider these landscape improvements to add value, improve aesthetics, and protect the health of their commercial site.

Commercial Landscape Improvements To Consider For The New Year

This time of the year, many Houston commercial property owners are busy finalizing budgets and developing business strategies for the coming year. One area that is important not to overlook is in regards to commercial landscape improvements. Simple but strategic changes can dramatically alter and improve the look, value and health of a commercial property. In today's blog post, we'll focus on three commercial landscape improvements to consider for 2015.

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19 Sep 2014
Houston commercial properties benefit greatly from the addition of strategically-placed landscape lighting from Embark.

Four Advantages of Adding Landscape Lighting To Commercial Properties

In the daytime, commercial properties are easily visible to individuals driving, walking or riding by, but at night some commercial properties struggle to make their business, entryways and signage clearly visible. The addition of strategically placed landscape lighting can make a huge impact in both the basic visibility of a commercial property, and also the overall aesthetic of the commercial site. There are four distinct advantages to adding landscaping lighting to commercial properties that we'll focus on today.

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