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05 Feb 2016
The Healing Benefits Of A Beautiful Property

The Healing Benefits Of A Beautiful Property

Houston is known throughout the globe for our world-renowned hospitals, cutting-edge medical research, exceptional clinics, and some of the best treatment facilities available. However, researchers across the world are finding that effective, world-class medical treatment doesn't just include what happens inside a hospital, but what's outside as well.

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18 Jan 2016
Brighten Your Parking Lot Islands With These Native Trees

Brighten Your Parking Lot Islands With These Native Trees

Although a commercial property can offer stunning landscape gardens, lush grass, and healthy and majestic shade trees, the one area of commercial properties most overlooked are the parking lot and garage areas. Just because these sections of the commercial property do not have much space to offer landscape amenities doesn't mean they have to look bare and unappealing. In today's blog post, we'll highlight three native flowering trees that can brighten the look of parking lot islands and the greenspace bordering parking garages.

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22 Nov 2013
LMC is pleased to offer LEED Landscape Maintenance Services for LEED-certified and LEED-EBOM projects throughout the greater Houston area.

LMC Leads The Way In LEED Landscape Maintenance

In recent years, a growing number of businesses and government organizations throughout the U.S. have begun promoting environmentally friendly or green initiative construction and maintenance through Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED). LEED is a ratings system for the design, construction, maintenance and operational functions of green homes, communities and business structures.

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12 Oct 2012
Embark Services handles apartment complex maintenance with efficiency and care.

Apartment Complex Maintenance That Leaves Managers and Renters Satisfied

As any apartment complex property manager or owner can attest, maintaining their property and surrounding landscape is crucial to ensuring resident satisfaction and retention, which is critical in today's competitive economic market. There are many benefits to living in an apartment complex, one of which is being surrounded by well-manicured, lush landscapes and vibrant shade trees without the personal sacrifice of having to maintain those lawns, gardens and trees.

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05 Oct 2012
Commercial Landscape work by Embark Services at Memorial City Mall in Houston, TX

Complete Commercial Landscape Management: One Company To Meet All Your Property Needs

Business owners in today's economy understand that protecting their investments is absolutely essential in ensuring company stability and maximizing time and resources. A key investment for businesses is the proper care and ongoing maintenance for their commercial landscape and trees. The benefits of a well-maintained commercial landscape offer many benefits to businesses and property owners.

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