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08 Jan 2016
The Importance of Knowing How and When To Water

The Importance of Knowing How and When To Water

Water is a vital part of our own health, and also the health of our lawns, gardens, and trees. Although there are studies and recommendations regarding our own personal daily water consumption, there can be confusion about how much water commercial properties, gardens, and trees actually need. Some of the watering confusion stems from differences in grass, plants, tree species, as well as which region or zone your commercial property is located.

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04 Apr 2014
Don't be scammed by amateur and unprofessional tree workers that take your money without doing the work.

Don’t Get Scammed By Amateur Tree Crews!

Each year in Houston there are always several weather conditions that can leave area trees damaged and in need of repairs. For example, this winter Houston experienced two waves of icy winter weather, leaving heavy condensation on tree branches that led to breaks and fallen limbs. Heavy rains, lightning or strong winds can negatively impact area trees to such an extent that tree owners need tree care services to help with tree trimming and debris removal.

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01 Apr 2014
If your irrigation system isn't working properly, let Emabrk diagnose and repair the problem before the summer heat arrives.

Why Is My Irrigation System Not Working?

When spring arrives in Houston, many homeowners and commercial property managers resume regular lawn and landscape maintenance. This will often include restarting irrigation systems that were turned off during the colder winter months. However, some property owners discover that their irrigation system or sprinkler heads no longer functioning properly, so prompt maintenance and repair is critical to ensure lawns get the water they need in the spring growing season.

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