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27 Mar 2015
How To Protect Your Property From Invasive Insects and Diseases

How To Protect Your Property From Invasive Insects and Diseases

From afar, a residential or commercial property might look like the pinnacle of health and beauty because of regular maintenance and beautiful landscaping. However, there may be hidden dangers threatening the health and beauty of a property. No matter how much time and energy we have invested in the health and beauty of our lawn and trees, the reality is that invasive insects and diseases can attack them at any time.

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20 Feb 2015
How Trustworthy Is Your Landscaper?

How Trustworthy Is Your Landscaper?

When we hire contractors to work in our homes or yards, we do so assuming that we are hiring safe, professional, and honest workers. Unfortunately, not all contractors are the same, and this is especially true in the tree and landscape industry. Often, unsuspecting property owners hire tree crews and amateur landscapers with workers that should not be allowed on residential or commercial properties.

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18 Nov 2014
Property flooding can lead to substantial lawn, tree and structural damages.  Embark's Drainage Services can correct these problems safely and effectively.

The Dangers of Poor Property Drainage

There are a variety of issues that can threaten the health, beauty and value of a commercial property in Houston. These can include extreme heat, diseases and insects, invasive weeds, and poor watering. Another common threat to Houston property owners comes from poor property drainage during rainstorms or flash floods.

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14 Nov 2014
Property owners and managers can utilize some key criteria to help identify the best and safest landscape and tree care contractors.

How To Choose The Best Landscape or Tree Contractor

Americans enjoy the largest number of consumer options and service providers than ever before. People have a wide variety of choices in all arenas, whether they are car shopping, buying groceries, shopping at a clothing store, choosing insurance or even looking for service providers. Sometimes the abundance of choices and options can be overwhelming, so it's important to carefully examine all available options before making a decision. One area where Houston consumers have a wide variety of choices is with tree and landscape contractors.

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26 Aug 2014
Weed Control Services help commercial property owners keep their property investments healthy and beautiful while eliminating harmful and invasive weeds.

Weed Control Services Protect Commercial Property Health

Commercial properties are important investments, so it is essential for property owners to protect the health and value of their property. One important way to protect commercial properties is through Weed Control Services. Professional Weed Control Services combines effective weed removal with strategic fertilizer application in order to strengthen and protect grass and landscape gardens. Weed Control Services offers several key advantages to commercial property owners.

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12 Aug 2014
Commercial Landscape Management services from Embark are a smart investment for property owners to protect health and property values.

Commercial Landscaping Services Are A Smart Investment

Owning commercial property comes with a variety of risks and rewards. As a result, commercial property owners are often looking for ways to protect their investment and ensure that their commercial property stays beautiful and valuable to minimize risk. Commercial Landscaping Management through LMC is a smart investment in the immediate and long-term future for commercial property owners.

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05 Aug 2014
Properties are safer when professional landscape and tree care companies, like Embark, are used instead of amateur or basic workers.

Professional Landscaping and Tree Care Makes Properties Safer

Property owners take many precautions to keep their homes and businesses safe, such as installing alarm systems, purchasing fire extinguishers, and developing safety strategies in case of emergencies. However, property owners can increase the security of themselves and their property by having professional landscaping and tree care maintenance on a regular basis. A professional tree and landscape service company will ensure that your lawn, trees and garden remain beautiful and in optimal health.

Trees Grow The Right Way

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25 Jul 2014
Why Should I Add Flowers and Plants To My Property?

Why Should I Add Flowers and Plants To My Property?

When people think of property improvements, they might consider planting trees, adding ornamental stonework or having an irrigation system installed. Another improvement commercial property owners can make is the addition of seasonal plants and flowers to their landscape. Property owners might wonder why they should add flowers and plants to their property. There are several key benefits:

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08 Jul 2014
Day laborers and temporary workers put property owners at risk with their lack of training, unsafe handling of equipment, and lack of liability insurance coverage.

Why You Should Avoid Hiring Day Laborers For Home or Business Projects

Property owners often have a wish list of improvements they would like to complete, such as planting new trees, installing an irrigation system, adding ornamental stonework, or removing older trees in poor health. Some decide to hire professional tree and landscape companies to handle these projects, while others take the risk of hiring day laborers for their home or business improvement projects.

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27 Jun 2014
June is National Safety Month, which is a good reminder that many landscaping and tree care projects are best left to professionals like Embark Services.

National Safety Month Tips For Safe Landscaping and Tree Care

June is National Safety Month, which is designed to raise awareness of ways to be safer in our homes, businesses and outdoor areas. Since a large number of accidental injuries and deaths occur on residential properties, it is important to be aware of common outdoor dangers to avoid, and ways to be safe during landscape or tree care projects.

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