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03 Jan 2014
Making A New Year’s Resolution To Improve Your Property

Making A New Year’s Resolution To Improve Your Property

As we begin a New Year, many people begin making their New Year's resolutions, whether it's to start exercising, quit smoking, eat healthier meals, donate more to charity, or spend more time with their family. Most resolutions revolve around personal decisions and habits, but a new year is the perfect opportunity to assess other areas, such as work habits, financial goals, and even property health. A majority of commercial property owners could benefit by making New Year's Resolutions to improve their property to increase its health, beauty and value.

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13 Dec 2013
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Part One

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Part One

In the greater Houston area, commercial property owners have a wide range of landscape maintenance and tree service companies to choose from.

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18 Oct 2013
Increase the property value of commercial real estate with quality landscaping from Embark Services.

Increase The Financial Value of Commercial Real Estate With Quality Landscaping

For commercial real estate owners and property managers, having steady streams of revenue is vital to the health and strength of their business, helping protect their long-term investment. However, another major component of owning or managing commercial real estate and properties is maintaining and improving property values.

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13 Sep 2013
Office towers and businesses can benefit through adding beautiful, lush landscaping to the surrounding property.

Attract More Customers To Your Business With Quality Landscaping

The greater Houston area currently enjoys a robust and expanding economy, but competition for revenue is fierce among the various retail centers and shopping districts throughout the city. Retail shops, businesses and restaurants are all vying to bring in more foot traffic and customers, and increase their quarterly and annual revenues. While many business owners try attracting customers through coupons and ads in local magazines and mailboxes, one way that can easily draw customers in the front door is through well maintained, beautiful landscaping and trees.

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10 Sep 2013

A Total Landscape Transformation For Murphy Exploration’s New Tower

The city of Houston continues to surpass national economic trends, with new jobs, new companies and new construction coming to the city every month. The Memorial City area of Houston recently saw the completion of a new oil and gas office tower, and with it came a stunning landscape transformation. Murphy Exploration, a leading international oil and gas corporation, was in need of a beautiful, elegant landscape to surround their new office tower, so LMC was hired to complete this large-scale LEED project.

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18 Jun 2013
Embark Services provides excellent fertilizer and mulching services that protect and promote the health of your property.

Hidden Dangers of Using Fertilizer Spikes For Your Trees and Plants

When it comes to maintaining trees and plants, Houston area property owners know that plant maintenance and tree work can be a challenge with our heat, humidity and mosquitos. Many property owners will look for shortcuts or products that simplify their tree care needs, and some opt to use fertilizer spikes for their trees and plants. While these fertilizer spikes claim to provide nutrients to your trees and plants while also saving you time, their use can be detrimental to your plant and tree health.

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26 Apr 2013
A high-quality irrigation system installed by Embark Services can provide proper watering for your trees, turf and landscape gardens.

Proper Watering Will Save Your Property

Any commercial property owner understands the critical need for regular watering of trees, lawns, and landscape gardens. However, what is not always understood is exactly how much water is needed to protect our property value and ensure the health and vitality of our trees and turf.

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01 Feb 2013
The skilled Landscape Professionals of Embark Services can handle all your commercial landscape maintenance needs.

The Many Benefits of Regular Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Commercial property owners and property managers oversee a large number of responsibilities, from security to business development to landscape management. Of these, commercial landscape maintenance can often be the most time consuming, so it is essential to establish regular maintenance services for your commercial property.

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