08 Apr 2014
Homeowners Associations and their residents can be at risk when amateur and unsafe contractors are hired for landscape and tree maintenance.

Is A Contracted Landscaper or Tree Crew Putting Your HOA At Risk?

Homeowners Associations are tasked with enforcing neighborhood deed restrictions, protecting property values and maintaining the beauty of the community for residents. In order to help maintain the beauty and health of grass, trees and landscape gardens in community entrances and shared common areas, HOAs hire tree and landscape maintenance crews on a contract basis for their services.

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19 Apr 2013
Embark Services offers well-planned, customized irrigation systems that meet the moisture needs of your specific turf, landscape gardens and trees.

Well-Planned Irrigation Systems Make The Most Difference

Over the last two years, property owners throughout the greater Houston area have faced an uphill battle against difficult drought conditions, leaving commercial and residential properties dry and damaged. As a result, many property owners are hoping to protect their lawns, landscape gardens and trees from this year's projected drought with the installation of an irrigation system.

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