01 Apr 2014
If your irrigation system isn't working properly, let Emabrk diagnose and repair the problem before the summer heat arrives.

Why Is My Irrigation System Not Working?

When spring arrives in Houston, many homeowners and commercial property managers resume regular lawn and landscape maintenance. This will often include restarting irrigation systems that were turned off during the colder winter months. However, some property owners discover that their irrigation system or sprinkler heads no longer functioning properly, so prompt maintenance and repair is critical to ensure lawns get the water they need in the spring growing season.

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25 Jan 2013
Bed and Border Weed Control by Embark Services can transform and protect your residential, commercial or industrial property.

Bed and Border Weed Control: Making a Difference On Your Property

A beautiful, thriving turf or landscape garden can be the crown jewel of any commercial property. However, keeping your lawn and landscape garden healthy and beautiful requires regular upkeep, and in Houston's warm temperatures and high humidity, that maintenance can be a real challenge.

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