18 May 2018
What Your Property Needs Now Before Summer Arrives

What Your Property Needs Now Before Summer Arrives

Anyone living or working along the Gulf Coast knows that summers can be brutal for people and their property. This is especially true for commercial properties, which tend to be larger and require more maintenance and care throughout the year. With record-high temperatures and drought-like conditions forecast for our area weeks ahead of schedule, it's best to prepare commercial properties now so they can survive and thrive during the harsh summer conditions.

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17 Jun 2016
How Much Care Do New Trees Need?

How Much Care Do New Trees Need?

Every month, hundreds of young trees are planted throughout the greater Houston area, whether near large commercial centers, new subdivisions, or residential properties. Although these trees may vary greatly in variety and size, they all have the same basic needs in order to thrive in their new environment. Today's blog post takes an in-depth look at how much care new trees need, and why professional tree care is the best way to ensure young trees have a strong, healthy, and beautiful life for decades to come.

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06 Mar 2015
Three Ways To Prepare Your Trees For Spring

Three Ways To Prepare Your Trees For Spring

In our previous blog post, we looked at three ways to prepare residential and commercial lawns for springtime growth. However, it's important to note that trees should never be overlooked when it comes to springtime preparation. Trees need just as much care and maintenance as lawns and gardens, especially if they are exotic, large, or valuable trees. In today's blog post, we'll highlight three specific ways trees should be prepared for spring growth to ensure optimal health and beauty.

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13 Jan 2015
Help The Environment With These Property Improvements

Help The Environment With These Property Improvements

The topic of helping the environment typically elicits thoughts of reducing landfill space, recycling, protecting the rainforests, and cutting carbon emissions. These are all important steps to protecting our natural resources, but homeowners can also play a role in preserving our environment for future generations. In today's blog post, we'll look at four ways to help the environment through property improvements.

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05 Dec 2014
This winter, Houstonians should be sure to keep plants, pipes and pets well protected from colder temperatures and icy precipitation.

Protect The Three P’s This Winter

When winter arrives in Houston, it's not just people that need protection from the colder temperatures and icy weather. The reality is that many parts of our home and surrounding exterior need proper protection from the elements in order to prevent injuries and property damage. In today's blog post, we'll look at three specific things that need to be protected from winter weather and colder temperatures.

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17 Jan 2014
Large mulch piles around trees are not only unattractive, but they can cause wide-spread and long-lasting damage to tree health.  Embark Services can help remove these volcano mulch piles and keep your trees in healthy shape.

Get Rid of The Mulch Volcano Around Your Trees!

While most tree owners realize the many benefits of applying mulch to trees throughout the year, many make the mistake of having too much mulch applied to their trees, creating a volcano-like pile of mulch.

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17 Dec 2013
This butchered tree is a classic example of Ugly tree trimming, where the tree is left damaged and unattractive.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Part Two

In our previous post, we discussed how residential and commercial property owners have many choices when it comes to landscape maintenance, and how they fall into the categories of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Today's blog post will highlight the Good, Bad and Ugly tree service companies for residential and commercial property owners.

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24 Sep 2013
Fall weather is the perfect time to get tree trimming and mulching done to protect trees through the cooler weather.

Improve Your Trees This Fall

As we officially say goodbye to summer and welcome in the fall season, there any many things that begin to change to mark this occasion. For example, Houstonians begin to experience some relief from the brutal summer heat and humidity with cooler temperatures and milder weather. Additionally, people begin to spend more time in their front and backyards as the weather becomes more pleasant with fewer insects nearby.

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23 Aug 2013
Avoid common mistakes made after tree planting to ensure your new tree lives a long and healthy life.

Common Tree Planting Mistakes, Part Three

Property owners have a variety of options available for improving the beauty, health and value of their property, including adding irrigation systems, getting regular tree trimming, and having quality fertilizer applied. One other way residential and commercial property owners can improve the overall value, appearance and health of their property is through tree planting.

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18 Jun 2013
Embark Services provides excellent fertilizer and mulching services that protect and promote the health of your property.

Hidden Dangers of Using Fertilizer Spikes For Your Trees and Plants

When it comes to maintaining trees and plants, Houston area property owners know that plant maintenance and tree work can be a challenge with our heat, humidity and mosquitos. Many property owners will look for shortcuts or products that simplify their tree care needs, and some opt to use fertilizer spikes for their trees and plants. While these fertilizer spikes claim to provide nutrients to your trees and plants while also saving you time, their use can be detrimental to your plant and tree health.

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