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03 Jun 2016
The Impact Of Floodwater On Property Health

The Impact Of Floodwater On Property Health

This spring, the greater Houston area and surrounding cities have witnessed record-setting rainfall and historic flood levels, causing substantial damage to commercial properties across our region. Although floodwaters will eventually subside over time, the damage they cause to property health can be significant and costly, in addition to repairs and renovations to damaged businesses. In today's blog post, we'll examine exactly how floodwaters impact property health, and why property owners with flooded land should be concerned.

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15 Jan 2016
Three Ways To Reduce Soil Erosion on Your Commercial Property

Three Ways To Reduce Soil Erosion on Your Commercial Property

Nothing attracts customers and welcomes employees more than a stunning commercial landscape and health shade trees. However, a commercial property will only thrive and remain healthy if there is nutrient-rich topsoil to nourish grass, plants, and trees. When soil is removed from the property due to high winds or water runoff, it can leave the soil depleted and make plants, grass, and trees more vulnerable to diseases and death.

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18 Nov 2014
Property flooding can lead to substantial lawn, tree and structural damages.  Embark's Drainage Services can correct these problems safely and effectively.

The Dangers of Poor Property Drainage

There are a variety of issues that can threaten the health, beauty and value of a commercial property in Houston. These can include extreme heat, diseases and insects, invasive weeds, and poor watering. Another common threat to Houston property owners comes from poor property drainage during rainstorms or flash floods.

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