18 Aug 2017
Four Signs Your Trees Need Maintenance Work

Four Signs Your Trees Need Maintenance Work

From afar, trees can appear in good health and relatively stable. However, a closer inspection can reveal problems ranging from the minor to the urgent, but many property owners don't look at their trees close enough to notice until it's too late and damage is done. The main issues are that property owners don't know to look at their trees on a regular basis, they don't know what signs to look for, or how to handle the issues they discover.

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17 Jan 2014
Large mulch piles around trees are not only unattractive, but they can cause wide-spread and long-lasting damage to tree health.  Embark Services can help remove these volcano mulch piles and keep your trees in healthy shape.

Get Rid of The Mulch Volcano Around Your Trees!

While most tree owners realize the many benefits of applying mulch to trees throughout the year, many make the mistake of having too much mulch applied to their trees, creating a volcano-like pile of mulch.

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10 Jan 2014
Soil aeration offers many benefits to commercial property owners looking to improve property health, beauty and value.

The Top Five Ways Soil Aeration Can Improve Commercial Properties

Commercial property owners and managers are often searching for ways to make their property more valuable, either by adding landscaping or offering amenities such as beautiful shade trees or tranquil water features.

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13 Dec 2013
A Good Landscape Maintenance company offers many distinct advantages over Bad and Ugly Landscape Maintenance companies.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Part One

In the greater Houston area, commercial property owners have a wide range of landscape maintenance and tree service companies to choose from.

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14 Sep 2012
Fresh compost mix for soil aeration by Embark Services.

Why Soil Aeration Is Important

Having a thick, green lawn and healthy trees is not as simple as regularly watering your yard, or occasionally applying fertilizer. There are several recommended lawn care practices that can help ensure the health of your lawn and trees, although some are best left to lawn and tree care professionals. One of these is soil aeration, which is highly beneficial to your lawn and tree health, and is performed by the lawn and tree care experts at LMC.

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17 May 2012

Are You Watering Your Trees Enough?.......Or Too Much?

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Water is essential for your tree's growth and survival, but too much water can be detrimental.  How do you know you are watering enough?  A sufficient amount of water is 1-3 inches of water per week. 

If your leaves are wilting or scorching, even after watering the specified amount, check if there is too much water for your tree by digging down 6-8 inches and feeling the soil.  The soil should not be soaking wet, but cool and slightly moist to the touch.

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16 Sep 2010

Protecting Your Tree Assets From High Winds

When it comes to the long list of things to care for in regards to your home during severe weather, trees don't always make it to the top of the list.

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19 Aug 2010
Site specific planning helps to ensure plants, trees and landscape gardens thrive in their environments.

Site Specific Planting - What really matters to your landscape

One of the most important aspects of creating a new or redoing a landscape is choosing the right plant or tree and putting it in the right place. Factoring in the soil, available water sources, and the extreme temperatures of the area are very important for creating a lasting environment for your plant or tree. Hiring a certified arborist or landscape professional will help you make right choices to ensure a healthy, vibrant landscape garden for years to come.

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