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19 Sep 2014
Houston commercial properties benefit greatly from the addition of strategically-placed landscape lighting from Embark.

Four Advantages of Adding Landscape Lighting To Commercial Properties

In the daytime, commercial properties are easily visible to individuals driving, walking or riding by, but at night some commercial properties struggle to make their business, entryways and signage clearly visible. The addition of strategically placed landscape lighting can make a huge impact in both the basic visibility of a commercial property, and also the overall aesthetic of the commercial site. There are four distinct advantages to adding landscaping lighting to commercial properties that we'll focus on today.

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02 Sep 2014
Commercial property owners and managers need to determine specific landscape needs when searching for the right commercial landscape service provider.

What Are Your Commercial Landscape Needs?

Commercial property managers and property owners always want their land to look its best, both to ensure beauty and health, and also to protect financial investments. Choosing the right commercial landscape service provider is a crucial step since landscaping is one of the main focal points of a commercial property, and landscaping maintenance costs can represent a large portion of a property maintenance budget.

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08 Aug 2014
Right of Way Clearance Services from Embark dramatically improve the safety of commercial properties in the Houston area.

Right of Way Clearance Results In Safer Commercial Properties

Commercial property owners take great precautions to ensure the safety of their company assets, their employees, and their buildings. One way commercial property owners can increase property safety is through Right of Way Clearance Services. Right of Way Clearance is the removal of brush, overgrown grass and invasive weeds from common areas such as driveways, property perimeters, railway access points, and utility areas.

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13 May 2014
Embark's Commercial Landscape Maintenance protects the health of the property, the value of the land and the safety of the owners and other visitors.

Commercial Properties Benefit From Quality Landscaping

Businesses and commercial property owners are always on the search for new and inventive ways to attract more customers, tenants, and positive feedback. Some businesses opt for catchy advertising, while others might utilize giveaways or other gimmicks. However, businesses and commercial property owners can easily attract new customers, tenants, and positive attention through stunning commercial landscaping and beautiful shade trees.

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25 Apr 2014
LMC’s Commitment to Excellence: Hiring The Best People

LMC’s Commitment to Excellence: Hiring The Best People

A company is only as good as its employees, and this is especially true in the tree care and landscape industry. Quality employees are at the heart of LMC, and by hiring the best people LMC ensures that projects are always performed with skill, professionalism, safety and efficiency. LMC's commitment to excellence means commercial clients gain peace of mind knowing LMC hires honest, hard working, experienced and safe crew members.

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08 Mar 2013
Embark Services is pleased to be Houston's premiere total landscape service provider for all residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Choosing a Total Landscape Service Provider Is a Smart Investment

In today's economy, consumers are given a large number of choices for nearly every spending decision they make. There are a myriad of providers and vendors for every kind of industry, and while having lots of choices can be a great thing, if you are not a well-informed consumer, you may end up making a choice that costs you more time and money than necessary.

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22 Feb 2013
The Benefits of Hiring Certified Arborists For Your Commercial Site

The Benefits of Hiring Certified Arborists For Your Commercial Site

If you own a commercial property, you understand the importance of keeping your property well maintained. When customers, employees, or passersby drive past your lot, you want your property to make a positive impression, and not be an eyesore or area nuisance.

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15 Feb 2013
Homeowners Associations can improve and protect their property values through the high quality maintenance services offered by Embark Services.

Homeowners Associations: Making Smarter Decisions For Your Neighborhood

Preserving the beauty and property value of our communities is the job of every resident within our neighborhoods, but it is also a major priority of our area Homeowners Associations. These HOA groups strive to protect our property investments through the improvement and preservation of our shared community areas, such as entryways, medians, walkways, walking trails and community recreation areas.

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05 Oct 2012
Commercial Landscape work by Embark Services at Memorial City Mall in Houston, TX

Complete Commercial Landscape Management: One Company To Meet All Your Property Needs

Business owners in today's economy understand that protecting their investments is absolutely essential in ensuring company stability and maximizing time and resources. A key investment for businesses is the proper care and ongoing maintenance for their commercial landscape and trees. The benefits of a well-maintained commercial landscape offer many benefits to businesses and property owners.

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