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01 Sep 2017
What Is Leaf Scorch?

What Is Leaf Scorch?

While we all want trees that are beautiful, healthy, and full of green foliage, the truth is that our trees can sometimes fall into poor health and display signs of distress. One of the most obvious signs that tree health is failing is when leaves turn brown and appear burnt, which is known as leaf scorch. In today's blog post, we explain the three types of leaf scorch that can impact trees, and what treatment options are available.

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27 May 2016
Why Trees Need To Be Pruned Before Hurricane Season

Why Trees Need To Be Pruned Before Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is rapidly approaching the Gulf Coast region, and with this comes the threat of dangerous hurricanes and tropical storms. These powerful storms can lead to torrential rains, coastal flooding, and high winds that are capable of destroying trees, cars, homes, and businesses.  Although homeowners and business owners take precautions to board up windows and secure doorways in the event of an approaching storm, many people disregard taking proactive steps with their trees.

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06 Nov 2015
Why Dead Trees Need To Be Removed From Your Property

Why Dead Trees Need To Be Removed From Your Property

Some of the most important assets of a residential or commercial property are the trees, which provide desirable shade and aesthetic value. Unfortunately, issues such as tree damage, drought, tree diseases, and soil issues can lead to the death of these valuable trees. Although no property owner ever wants to experience losing a large and majestic tree, it is far worse to leave a dead tree on a residential or commercial property for an extended period of time.

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01 May 2015
The Dangers of Unsafe Trees, Part One

The Dangers of Unsafe Trees, Part One

Residential and commercial property owners will often make improvements and upgrades to make their landscape as safe as possible. This may include adding landscape lighting, stable walkways, and well-maintained lawns. However, trees on commercial properties, residential properties, and common areas for subdivisions can sometimes pose a threat to pedestrians, vehicles, and nearby structures.

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23 Dec 2014
Cabling and bracing services from Embark can help protect unstable trees and uneven limbs from causing property damage, personal injuries, or tree death.

Three Ways Cabling and Bracing Trees Can Save Money

Owning a residential or commercial property is an important investment, so property owners are often eager to protect their property health, beauty and value, especially for properties with shade trees. Cabling and Bracing is a tree care service that preserves tree health and helps property owners realize tremendous financial savings on a long-term basis. In today's blog post, we'll explain the Cabling and Bracing process, and three ways it can save property owners money.

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05 Dec 2014
This winter, Houstonians should be sure to keep plants, pipes and pets well protected from colder temperatures and icy precipitation.

Protect The Three P’s This Winter

When winter arrives in Houston, it's not just people that need protection from the colder temperatures and icy weather. The reality is that many parts of our home and surrounding exterior need proper protection from the elements in order to prevent injuries and property damage. In today's blog post, we'll look at three specific things that need to be protected from winter weather and colder temperatures.

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04 Nov 2014
Young tree pruning requires precision and caution.  Embark can perform tree pruning that strengthens trees while protecting long-term health.

Young Trees Require Strategic and Careful Pruning

Trees are an important investment and beautiful addition to any residential or commercial property. Because of their value, it is important to protect their health from a young age, especially with careful and strategic tree pruning. However, many young trees can be severely over pruned, leading to a lifetime of diminished and unstable growth. In today's blog post, we'll look at how best to prune young trees in order to avoid over pruning and instead promote long-term health, beauty and stability.

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28 Oct 2014
This tree is displaying a warning sign that it's health is in jeopardy with discolored leaves.

Don’t Ignore Your Tree’s Warning Signs!

When we are sick or feeling under the weather, we may have a variety of symptoms such as fever, chills, poor appetite, coughing or fatigue. Much in the same way our bodies can show symptoms of an illness or virus, our tress can also show symptoms of tree diseases or the impact of invasive insects. However, many property owners might not realize that their tree is showing symptoms of an underlying problem, which can lead to tree damage or tree death if not promptly identified and treated.

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10 Oct 2014
Poor tree pruning on commercial or residential properties can lead to a series of problems for your tree's health, value and beauty.

The Top Three Dangers Of Excessively Pruning Your Trees

With fall weather finally making its way to Houston, many property owners are starting to see leaves fall from trees and tree growth slowing down. This cooler weather marks the ideal time to have trees pruned back, but some property owners and amateur tree crews go overboard with their tree pruning. In today's blog post, we'll look at the top three dangers that result from excessively pruning trees.

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29 Aug 2014
This dying and damaged tree is a perfect example of why construction projects need Embark's Tree Preservation services.

How Construction Projects Can Negatively Impact Trees

Throughout Houston, construction projects of all shapes and sizes are currently underway, whether it's new construction, renovations, or even demolition of existing structures. Many of these constructions projects include keeping existing large trees on the property to enhance shade and beauty. Builders and construction project managers have to account for electrical, utility, traffic and building safety needs, but often neglect to properly protect the mature trees on the property.

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