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01 Sep 2017
What Is Leaf Scorch?

What Is Leaf Scorch?

While we all want trees that are beautiful, healthy, and full of green foliage, the truth is that our trees can sometimes fall into poor health and display signs of distress. One of the most obvious signs that tree health is failing is when leaves turn brown and appear burnt, which is known as leaf scorch. In today's blog post, we explain the three types of leaf scorch that can impact trees, and what treatment options are available.

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04 Nov 2014
Young tree pruning requires precision and caution.  Embark can perform tree pruning that strengthens trees while protecting long-term health.

Young Trees Require Strategic and Careful Pruning

Trees are an important investment and beautiful addition to any residential or commercial property. Because of their value, it is important to protect their health from a young age, especially with careful and strategic tree pruning. However, many young trees can be severely over pruned, leading to a lifetime of diminished and unstable growth. In today's blog post, we'll look at how best to prune young trees in order to avoid over pruning and instead promote long-term health, beauty and stability.

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28 Oct 2014
This tree is displaying a warning sign that it's health is in jeopardy with discolored leaves.

Don’t Ignore Your Tree’s Warning Signs!

When we are sick or feeling under the weather, we may have a variety of symptoms such as fever, chills, poor appetite, coughing or fatigue. Much in the same way our bodies can show symptoms of an illness or virus, our tress can also show symptoms of tree diseases or the impact of invasive insects. However, many property owners might not realize that their tree is showing symptoms of an underlying problem, which can lead to tree damage or tree death if not promptly identified and treated.

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10 Oct 2014
Poor tree pruning on commercial or residential properties can lead to a series of problems for your tree's health, value and beauty.

The Top Three Dangers Of Excessively Pruning Your Trees

With fall weather finally making its way to Houston, many property owners are starting to see leaves fall from trees and tree growth slowing down. This cooler weather marks the ideal time to have trees pruned back, but some property owners and amateur tree crews go overboard with their tree pruning. In today's blog post, we'll look at the top three dangers that result from excessively pruning trees.

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14 Mar 2014
Land inspections by Certified Arborists and Landscape Professionals can help identify and correct problems, saving property health.

Why It’s Important To Have Your Land Inspected, Part Two

In the previous blog post, we discussed the various areas of commercial properties that should be inspected on a regular basis. Today's blog post will feature the benefits that come from having landscapes, trees and other areas of your property regularly inspected by tree and landscape professionals.

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05 Mar 2014
Broken and dangling tree branches are a hazard to people and property, and should be promptly removed.

The Many Dangers Of Broken Tree Limbs

With more icy weather hitting the Houston area recently, many homes and businesses saw a large number of broken branches, fallen limbs and toppled trees throughout the city. While much of the debris has been removed for safety reasons, there are still many trees throughout the greater Houston area with large dangling limbs or broken branches still attached to trees.

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18 Feb 2014
Embark Services can handle any kind of tree removal services, whether on residential or commercial properties.

Removing Trees For The Right Reasons

Mature trees are almost always considered an asset on residential and commercial properties, especially in Houston where shade is beneficial in reducing energy and cooling costs. Trees provide beauty, enhance our landscapes, and help with rainwater absorption to reduce flooding. Although trees often benefit the Houston area, there are a few instances where it becomes necessary to remove trees to preserve the long-term health and value of our property.

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10 Dec 2013
Tree inspections by Embark's Certified Arborists can help save both your trees and the lives of those nearby.

Tree Inspections Can Save Both Trees and Lives

Tree inspections and tree structure evaluations are important gauges in determining the strength, health and long-term stability of a tree on a residential or commercial property. Most tree owners do not have the technical training or expertise to clearly identify such problems as tree diseases, insect infestations, structural problems or weakened root systems.

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26 Nov 2013
This tree displays signs of severe insect infestation, which Embark Services can easily treat to save the life of valuable trees.

Don’t Ignore Sick or Diseased Trees

For some people, tree care simply means remembering to water the trees and occasionally get mulch to help it grow. However, good tree maintenance requires diligence and proactive steps to ensure trees remain healthy and strong. One way commercial and residential property owners can help protect and extend the life of their trees is to ensure all tree diseases and suspicious tree growths are immediately analyzed and treated.

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11 Oct 2013
Basic landscapers that trim your trees can easily jeopardize the health, beauty and value of your trees because of their lack of experience, tree knowledge and safety procedures.

Does Your Basic Landscaper Also Handle Your Tree Trimming?

In our busy society, people are always looking for new ways to save time or make things more efficient, whether at home, in the workplace or in their personal lives. This is also true of many residential homeowners and commercial property managers that allow basic landscapers to also handle their tree trimming projects for the sole purpose of saving time.

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