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20 May 2016
Is Your Construction Project Damaging Nearby Trees?

Is Your Construction Project Damaging Nearby Trees?

On any residential or commercial property, trees are some of the most valuable assets for property owners. Not only can they provide ample shade and privacy, but they also add beauty, tranquility, and curb appeal. Unfortunately, Houston's continued population and business growth have led to an increase in construction and renovation projects, which can be a direct threat to the health of otherwise stable trees. Today's blog post will look at four ways commercial and residential construction projects can cause significant, and even irreparable damage to healthy trees.

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30 Oct 2015
How Can Nearby Construction Harm My Trees?

How Can Nearby Construction Harm My Trees?

Houston's stable and growing economy has led to a rash of new construction projects and development areas, from large mixed-use office and retail spaces to new home construction. Often this construction occurs near existing homes and businesses. Although noise and traffic are the most common results from nearby construction projects, they can also cause a problem that has lasting and expensive ramifications: damage to your trees.

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18 Sep 2015
Four Construction Projects That Can Damage Your Tree Roots

Four Construction Projects That Can Damage Your Tree Roots

Houston continues to be one of the top cities in the U.S. for new construction projects and development. Although new retail centers, office complexes, and residential communities are wonderful additions to the greater Houston area, the reality is that many healthy shade trees can be threatened because of damage to the tree roots during the construction process.

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24 Mar 2015
Three Ways Tree Preservation Impacts Communities

Three Ways Tree Preservation Impacts Communities

As Houston continues to see additional developments and construction projects break ground, there are a growing number of existing shade trees in jeopardy of injury and tree death because of nearby construction. Thankfully, Houston project managers and property owners can preserve healthy shade trees with Tree Preservation services from LMC, and in the process positively impact their surrounding community. Today's blog post will focus on defining Tree Preservation, and three ways in which it can positively impact communities in the greater Houston area.

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09 Dec 2014
This cottonwood tree is suffering from a tree disease that threatens its stability and has created a liability issue for property owners.

Are My Trees An Asset or Liability?

Although trees are typically considered an asset on commercial or residential properties, a number of factors can transform these assets into liabilities for property owners. Property owners that leave hazardous or sick trees on their property for too long take a risk of suffering property damages, personal injuries and high liability costs down the road. It's important for property owners to be aware of tree issues so they can make informed decisions and protect their property investment.

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29 Aug 2014
This dying and damaged tree is a perfect example of why construction projects need Embark's Tree Preservation services.

How Construction Projects Can Negatively Impact Trees

Throughout Houston, construction projects of all shapes and sizes are currently underway, whether it's new construction, renovations, or even demolition of existing structures. Many of these constructions projects include keeping existing large trees on the property to enhance shade and beauty. Builders and construction project managers have to account for electrical, utility, traffic and building safety needs, but often neglect to properly protect the mature trees on the property.

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25 Mar 2014
Embark can protect trees and landscapes from damage during construction projects, pool installations or other development.

Don’t Let Construction Projects Damage Your Healthy Trees

Houston is currently enjoying a robust and vibrant economy, with new developments and construction projects starting each week. As a result, many residential and commercial properties are under construction, often with healthy and mature shade trees nearby. Although many property owners now prefer to keep established trees on the property whenever possible, the sad truth is that construction projects can often lead to tree damage or tree death because of inadequate tree protection.

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28 Feb 2014
Unhealthy or dangerous trees should not be kept on residential or commercial properties.

Why Do Owners Leave Unhealthy Trees On Their Property?

Trees are often one of the most distinguishable and notable aspects of a residential or commercial property. They can add tremendous aesthetic, environmental and financial value to a property, especially when they are healthy and well-maintained. However, too often property owners allow unhealthy or dangerous trees to remain on their property, threatening their own personal safety and nearby structures and buildings.

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14 Feb 2014
Tree work safety is a top priority for Embark Services, ensuring the protection of employees, owners and their property.

Why Outstanding Safety Practices Matter In Tree Care

As one of the largest metro areas in the country by square mile, Houston is home to a very large number of beautiful trees found throughout the city. Because our expansive city has many trees, there is also a great need for tree care services near homes, businesses, parks, roadways, apartment complexes and community areas.

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07 Feb 2014
Property owners can take simple steps to help ensure optimal tree health and beauty through the years.

Simple Ways To Care For Your Trees

The Houston area is home to a vast array of trees that offer residential and commercial properties beauty, shade and economic value. While many plants and flowers in the area need frequent maintenance and upkeep, trees have an easier time establishing their roots and growing well with far less maintenance for property owners. For tree owners interested in protecting and promoting the growth, health and value of their trees for generations to come, there are a few important tips to remember.

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