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06 Feb 2015
Why Tree Care Recommendations Matter

Why Tree Care Recommendations Matter

Whether through social media or face-to-face, we may often seek out recommendations for businesses or service providers, such as a new restaurant to try, a good hair stylist, a reliable plumbing contractor, or an honest car mechanic. These can be valuable tools for us to weed out less desirable or unprofessional companies and give our business to reputable ones instead. In today's blog post, we'll look at why positive recommendations matter when choosing a tree care or landscape company.

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20 Jan 2015
The Best Ways To Help Wounded Trees

The Best Ways To Help Wounded Trees

Trees are strong, beautiful assets to residential and commercial properties, but unfortunately they can be the victim of damage, strong winds or other accidents. Like people, trees can be wounded and suffer diminished health if these wounds are not treated and monitored over time. In today's blog post, we'll discuss the various treatment and repair methods available for trees that have open wounds or have suffered structural damage.

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16 Jan 2015
The Four Signs Of A Disreputable Tree Company

The Four Signs Of A Disreputable Tree Company

Every year, Houston sees its fair share of stormy and windy weather, either from summer thunderstorms, tropical disturbances, or strong winter winds. After a storm, homeowners are often concerned about the stability and appearance of property, as well as personal safety, when limbs and trees fall due to high winds.

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23 Dec 2014
Cabling and bracing services from Embark can help protect unstable trees and uneven limbs from causing property damage, personal injuries, or tree death.

Three Ways Cabling and Bracing Trees Can Save Money

Owning a residential or commercial property is an important investment, so property owners are often eager to protect their property health, beauty and value, especially for properties with shade trees. Cabling and Bracing is a tree care service that preserves tree health and helps property owners realize tremendous financial savings on a long-term basis. In today's blog post, we'll explain the Cabling and Bracing process, and three ways it can save property owners money.

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16 Dec 2014
Overgrown brush, tall grass and invasive weeds can negatively impact commercial properties and industrial lots.

The Dangers of Overgrown Brush On Commercial Lots

Commercial properties often require a larger amount of on-going maintenance, including driveways and parking lots, building upkeep, signage and business lighting, and landscape maintenance. One area that can be commonly overlooked is in regards to surrounding landscape maintenance and vegetation management around the perimeter of a business lot.

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09 Dec 2014
This cottonwood tree is suffering from a tree disease that threatens its stability and has created a liability issue for property owners.

Are My Trees An Asset or Liability?

Although trees are typically considered an asset on commercial or residential properties, a number of factors can transform these assets into liabilities for property owners. Property owners that leave hazardous or sick trees on their property for too long take a risk of suffering property damages, personal injuries and high liability costs down the road. It's important for property owners to be aware of tree issues so they can make informed decisions and protect their property investment.

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02 Dec 2014
Commercial property owners need to ensure that their commercial site doesn't deter visitors or customers witn unattractive or unsafe trees or landscaping.

The Most Common Problems On Commercial Properties

In Houston, commercial property purchases and development are commonplace as our lower real estate costs, proximity to the Gulf Coast, and booming oil and gas industries make our city attractive to businesses. However, maintaining commercial properties is not a simple process, and many property owners can experience a variety of problems that can jeopardize the health, value and beauty of their commercial real estate investment.

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28 Nov 2014
Dangling tree limbs, unkempt lawns and rampant weed growth can all get you in trouble with your neighborhood's HOA board.  Embark can help keep your property healthy and beautiful, putting a stop to the violation letters.

The Most Common Causes of HOA Violations

A growing number of Houston-area subdivisions have Homeowner Associations in place to create and enforce neighborhood rules for residents and homeowners. These rules may include restrictions on exterior paint color for homes, bans on livestock, and rules regarding tree and lawn maintenance. These restrictions and rules exist to ensure that community standards and aesthetics are maintained in order to protect property values. Homebuyers within the community must abide by HOA rules and by-laws or face penalties, fines and even liens on their homes.

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25 Nov 2014
Property owners risk electrocution when attempting tree pruning near power lines.  Embark is qualified to perform tree pruning near power lines, and can do so in a safe and efficient manner.

Beware Of Electrocution Dangers During Tree Trimming

As most property owners are aware, tree trimming is one of the most dangerous tasks performed on a residential or commercial property. Each year, hundreds of people are severely injured or even killed during tree trimming projects. The causes of these injuries and deaths range from ladder falls, flying limbs and branches, or accidents involving chainsaws and other dangerous equipment. Another major cause of tree trimming accidents and deaths is electrocution from nearby power lines.

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21 Nov 2014
Commercial property owners can be left in financial distress due to the unprofessional and unsafe work of amateur tree crews.

How Amateur Tree Trimmers Can Cause Trouble For Your Business

Many Houston business owners rely on contractors to help their business run smoothly and ensure that their company facilities are in excellent condition. Businesses depend on contractors for HVAC needs, plumbing issues, electrical repairs, and tree and landscape maintenance. However, hiring amateur tree trimmers and day laborers can cause major problems for business owners.

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