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17 Oct 2014
This is an example of an unsafe landscape worker trimming trees using an unsecured ladder and chainsaw.

Three Reasons Why Landscape Crews Shouldn’t Trim Your Trees

In Houston, it's common for residential and commercial property owners to rely on landscapers to maintain their lawn and gardens throughout the year. However, some property owners make the mistake of allowing their amateur landscape crews to perform tree maintenance such as tree pruning and tree removal. In today's blog post, we'll look at three reasons why landscape crews should never be allowed to perform tree maintenance on residential or commercial properties.

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07 Oct 2014

Is Your HOA Making One Of These Landscaping Mistakes?

Homeowners Associations, commonly known as HOAs, are the governing body of a neighborhood, community or complex, and are tasked with making and enforcing neighborhood rules and deed restrictions. In addition, HOAs are also responsible for ensuring that the neighborhood landscaping, common green space, and surrounding trees are maintained. Unfortunately, some Houston area HOA's make poor decisions regarding the landscape and tree maintenance of their community, damaging curb appeal and threatening property values.

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02 Sep 2014
Commercial property owners and managers need to determine specific landscape needs when searching for the right commercial landscape service provider.

What Are Your Commercial Landscape Needs?

Commercial property managers and property owners always want their land to look its best, both to ensure beauty and health, and also to protect financial investments. Choosing the right commercial landscape service provider is a crucial step since landscaping is one of the main focal points of a commercial property, and landscaping maintenance costs can represent a large portion of a property maintenance budget.

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29 Aug 2014
This dying and damaged tree is a perfect example of why construction projects need Embark's Tree Preservation services.

How Construction Projects Can Negatively Impact Trees

Throughout Houston, construction projects of all shapes and sizes are currently underway, whether it's new construction, renovations, or even demolition of existing structures. Many of these constructions projects include keeping existing large trees on the property to enhance shade and beauty. Builders and construction project managers have to account for electrical, utility, traffic and building safety needs, but often neglect to properly protect the mature trees on the property.

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12 Aug 2014
Commercial Landscape Management services from Embark are a smart investment for property owners to protect health and property values.

Commercial Landscaping Services Are A Smart Investment

Owning commercial property comes with a variety of risks and rewards. As a result, commercial property owners are often looking for ways to protect their investment and ensure that their commercial property stays beautiful and valuable to minimize risk. Commercial Landscaping Management through LMC is a smart investment in the immediate and long-term future for commercial property owners.

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29 Jul 2014
Tree stumps are a dangerous and also unsightly eyesore that should always be removed from residential and commercial properties.

Why You Should Always Have Tree Stumps Removed From Your Property

Trees are beautiful and important property assets, but unfortunately they can succumb to various ailments, such as disease, drought, wind damage or lightning strikes. When trees become severely damaged or die, prompt tree removal is needed. Too often, property owners just have the main part of the tree removed, leaving behind the tree stump. In today's blog post, we're going to discuss why property owners should always have tree stumps removed from a residential or commercial property.

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25 Jul 2014
Why Should I Add Flowers and Plants To My Property?

Why Should I Add Flowers and Plants To My Property?

When people think of property improvements, they might consider planting trees, adding ornamental stonework or having an irrigation system installed. Another improvement commercial property owners can make is the addition of seasonal plants and flowers to their landscape. Property owners might wonder why they should add flowers and plants to their property. There are several key benefits:

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11 Jul 2014
Palm trees grow well in our area, but they benefit from regular maintenance to protect their health and keep owners safe.

Palm Trees Benefit From Regular Tree Maintenance

The Houston area is home to a wide variety of trees due to our warm and humid climate. One variety commonly seen in Houston is the palm tree, which can grow to incredible heights, and offers tropical beauty to property owners. Although palm trees are not as high maintenance as other tree species, they still benefit from regular tree maintenance. To keep palm trees on your residential or commercial property healthy and beautiful, it is critical to ensure experienced tree professionals regularly maintain them.

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08 Jul 2014
Day laborers and temporary workers put property owners at risk with their lack of training, unsafe handling of equipment, and lack of liability insurance coverage.

Why You Should Avoid Hiring Day Laborers For Home or Business Projects

Property owners often have a wish list of improvements they would like to complete, such as planting new trees, installing an irrigation system, adding ornamental stonework, or removing older trees in poor health. Some decide to hire professional tree and landscape companies to handle these projects, while others take the risk of hiring day laborers for their home or business improvement projects.

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01 Jul 2014
Embark can makeover your property after a tree removal through the installation of seasonal plants and flowers, or ornamental stonework and water features.

How To Makeover Your Property After A Tree Removal

Tree removal from a residential or commercial property can have a major impact on the aesthetic, environmental and economic value of the land. Whether the tree removal is by choice, or due to natural causes, it can leave a void in the landscape that reduces overall appeal and transforms the future of the property. Rather than leave an unattractive, empty space on the property, owners can makeover their residential or commercial property after a tree removal to protect financial values as well as improving the look and health of the property.

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