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15 Apr 2014
Be sure to avoid landscape and tree work contractors that are not bondable, because leaves property owners without a way to be reimbursed for incomplete projects or poor workmanship.

The Importance of Hiring Fully Insured and Bonded Contractors: Part Two

The phrase "fully insured and bonded" is used quite often in the landscape and tree care industry, but many homeowners, Homeowner Associations, and commercial property owners are often unaware of what the phrase actually means. It is important for property owners to be educated consumers and learn the importance of this phrase, as well as why they should avoid companies that are not fully insured and bonded.

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04 Apr 2014
Don't be scammed by amateur and unprofessional tree workers that take your money without doing the work.

Don’t Get Scammed By Amateur Tree Crews!

Each year in Houston there are always several weather conditions that can leave area trees damaged and in need of repairs. For example, this winter Houston experienced two waves of icy winter weather, leaving heavy condensation on tree branches that led to breaks and fallen limbs. Heavy rains, lightning or strong winds can negatively impact area trees to such an extent that tree owners need tree care services to help with tree trimming and debris removal.

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25 Mar 2014
Embark can protect trees and landscapes from damage during construction projects, pool installations or other development.

Don’t Let Construction Projects Damage Your Healthy Trees

Houston is currently enjoying a robust and vibrant economy, with new developments and construction projects starting each week. As a result, many residential and commercial properties are under construction, often with healthy and mature shade trees nearby. Although many property owners now prefer to keep established trees on the property whenever possible, the sad truth is that construction projects can often lead to tree damage or tree death because of inadequate tree protection.

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18 Mar 2014
Embark's team of Certified Arborists are specially trained for utiliity line clearance work to prevent trees from impacting power lines.

How Power Lines Impact Tree Owners

Starting at a very young age, people are always warned to stay away from power lines because of the dangers of electrocution, which can cause serious injury or even death. However, trees and plants will simply grow wherever they're planted, so it's up to property owners to make sure their growing trees do not interfere with power lines or utility poles. Power lines can impact tree owners in several significant ways.

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05 Mar 2014
Broken and dangling tree branches are a hazard to people and property, and should be promptly removed.

The Many Dangers Of Broken Tree Limbs

With more icy weather hitting the Houston area recently, many homes and businesses saw a large number of broken branches, fallen limbs and toppled trees throughout the city. While much of the debris has been removed for safety reasons, there are still many trees throughout the greater Houston area with large dangling limbs or broken branches still attached to trees.

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04 Mar 2014
Just because a tree looks fine to you doesn't mean it's healthy or safe to remain on your property.

Should This Tree Remain On My Property?

In last week's blog post, we looked at the many reasons why residential and commercial property owners allow unhealthy or dangerous trees to remain on their property. Today, we're going to look at how fruit and shade trees become unsafe or dangerous over time, and why they should be removed from commercial or residential properties.

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28 Feb 2014
Unhealthy or dangerous trees should not be kept on residential or commercial properties.

Why Do Owners Leave Unhealthy Trees On Their Property?

Trees are often one of the most distinguishable and notable aspects of a residential or commercial property. They can add tremendous aesthetic, environmental and financial value to a property, especially when they are healthy and well-maintained. However, too often property owners allow unhealthy or dangerous trees to remain on their property, threatening their own personal safety and nearby structures and buildings.

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25 Feb 2014
Tree location makes a huge impact on tree health and stability.

Location Makes All The Difference With Tree Planting

Trees can be a valuable and beautiful addition to any residential or commercial property. However, if a tree is planted in an inappropriate location, it can significantly hinder its growth, health and beauty, as well as that of the surrounding property. Before making the investment of adding trees to a residential or commercial property, it is imperative that Certified Arborists assess the property to identify the ideal location for tree planting.

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18 Feb 2014
Embark Services can handle any kind of tree removal services, whether on residential or commercial properties.

Removing Trees For The Right Reasons

Mature trees are almost always considered an asset on residential and commercial properties, especially in Houston where shade is beneficial in reducing energy and cooling costs. Trees provide beauty, enhance our landscapes, and help with rainwater absorption to reduce flooding. Although trees often benefit the Houston area, there are a few instances where it becomes necessary to remove trees to preserve the long-term health and value of our property.

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14 Feb 2014
Tree work safety is a top priority for Embark Services, ensuring the protection of employees, owners and their property.

Why Outstanding Safety Practices Matter In Tree Care

As one of the largest metro areas in the country by square mile, Houston is home to a very large number of beautiful trees found throughout the city. Because our expansive city has many trees, there is also a great need for tree care services near homes, businesses, parks, roadways, apartment complexes and community areas.

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