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26 Nov 2013
This tree displays signs of severe insect infestation, which Embark Services can easily treat to save the life of valuable trees.

Don’t Ignore Sick or Diseased Trees

For some people, tree care simply means remembering to water the trees and occasionally get mulch to help it grow. However, good tree maintenance requires diligence and proactive steps to ensure trees remain healthy and strong. One way commercial and residential property owners can help protect and extend the life of their trees is to ensure all tree diseases and suspicious tree growths are immediately analyzed and treated.

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19 Nov 2013
Shadow Oaks Elementary in Houston's Spring Branch School District received a stunning butterfly garden and tree restoration generously donated by Embark Services.

Update On Embark’s Contribution To A Beloved Houston School

Several months ago Embark began a project to help their local community of Spring Branch, one of Houston's oldest residential districts. Shadow Oaks Elementary has been a vital part of the Spring Branch community for over 50 years, and recently completed a major renovation to its aging campus building.

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12 Nov 2013
LMC specializes in safely, efficiently and thoroughly removing large trees and tree debris from delicate residential or commercial property areas.

Trust LMC With Your Large or Delicate Tree Removal Projects, Part Three

Trees are a beautiful and important part of our local environment, adding natural, aesthetic and economic value to the Houston area. However, over time trees can become damaged because of heavy winds, tree diseases or drought, and need to be removed for safety reasons. Additionally, some large trees need to be removed because of their proximity to nearby homes, businesses or other structures, either to avoid possible damage from falling debris or because of structural damage caused by tree roots.

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08 Nov 2013
Embark specializes in large or delicate tree removal projects for Houston area homeowners or commercial property owners.

Trust LMC With Your Large or Delicate Tree Removal Projects, Part Two

For many people, the idea of tree removal seems like a simple one: cut down a tree, chop it up and remove the debris. However, the actual process of a tree removal is an extremely dangerous, complex and time-consuming endeavor, especially when the tree being removed is very large and/or is in close proximity to homes, businesses or other property.

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05 Nov 2013
Embark can handle the largest and most delicate tree removal projects with precision and safety.

Trust LMC With Your Large or Delicate Tree Removal Projects, Part One

Although trees are a beautiful and vital part of our local landscape, over time some trees can become overgrown or hazardous to nearby structures or communities. However, removing trees can be extremely dangerous or risky because of a tree's size and proximity to homes, businesses or other property.

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01 Oct 2013
Tree trimming and landscape projects can generate hundreds of pounds of debris.  Embark can remove your tree and landscape debris safely and efficiently.

Why It’s Best To Let Professionals Handle Debris Removal

Many Houstonians attempt back yard and front yard renovations and projects on their own, with varying degrees of success. Some property owners attempt to remove dying or diseased turf and trees on their own, and the end result can be a lot of debris and green waste left behind. Additionally, some homeowners might think tree trimming or tree removal is a relatively simple task, but they fail to consider the large amounts of heavy branches, leaves and bark bits left behind from such a large-scale task.

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27 Aug 2013
Embark Services eliminates the threat of hazardous trees through their safe and efficient tree removal services.

The Dangers of Hazardous Trees

The greater Houston area is home to a variety of neighborhoods and communities, ranging from preserved historic neighborhoods to master planned subdivisions. Large, mature trees that surround these neighborhoods have provided years of shade, beauty and value to the Houston area. Trees are a beautiful part of our environment, but occasionally trees fall victim to drought, tree disease or breakage and can become hazardous.

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07 Jun 2013
Certified Arborists can help protect trees near construction projects to prevent tree damage or tree death.

Construction Work Can Be Hazardous To Trees

There are many safety factors to consider when construction work is being performed, whether on residential property, commercial sites or industrial areas. Construction crews must consider necessary zoning and building permits, construction safety for the site and their crew, and also nearby utilities lines for water, gas and electricity. However, one area construction crews often overlook is the safety of nearby trees and landscapes, which can be severely damaged during construction projects.

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17 May 2013
Embark Services can help you prevent or minimize windstorm damage to your trees, lawn and landscape gardens.

Protecting Your Property From Wind Damage

For Houston area property owners, the approaching summer doesn't just mean the return of hot weather and pesky mosquitos, but also the beginning of hurricane season and severe summer storms. With hurricanes and summer storms come torrential rains, severe lightning and strong winds that can cause extensive damage. Although we cannot prevent rainfall or lightning strikes, we can easily protect our residential or commercial property by taking proactive steps to minimize or eliminate potential damage caused by windstorms.

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10 May 2013
Embark Services can remove unsightly tree stumps with their tree grinding services.

Leave Tree Stump Removals To The Professionals

If you are a residential or commercial property owner with trees on your land, there may come a time when you need a tree removed from your property. The need for tree removal can be caused by a variety of circumstances, such as trees dying because of the recent drought, root systems damaging nearby structures, or simply to provide a clear line of sight or unobstructed view of neighboring landmarks.

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