29 Aug 2014
This dying and damaged tree is a perfect example of why construction projects need Embark's Tree Preservation services.

How Construction Projects Can Negatively Impact Trees

Throughout Houston, construction projects of all shapes and sizes are currently underway, whether it's new construction, renovations, or even demolition of existing structures. Many of these constructions projects include keeping existing large trees on the property to enhance shade and beauty. Builders and construction project managers have to account for electrical, utility, traffic and building safety needs, but often neglect to properly protect the mature trees on the property.

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26 Aug 2014
Weed Control Services help commercial property owners keep their property investments healthy and beautiful while eliminating harmful and invasive weeds.

Weed Control Services Protect Commercial Property Health

Commercial properties are important investments, so it is essential for property owners to protect the health and value of their property. One important way to protect commercial properties is through Weed Control Services. Professional Weed Control Services combines effective weed removal with strategic fertilizer application in order to strengthen and protect grass and landscape gardens. Weed Control Services offers several key advantages to commercial property owners.

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05 Aug 2014
Properties are safer when professional landscape and tree care companies, like Embark, are used instead of amateur or basic workers.

Professional Landscaping and Tree Care Makes Properties Safer

Property owners take many precautions to keep their homes and businesses safe, such as installing alarm systems, purchasing fire extinguishers, and developing safety strategies in case of emergencies. However, property owners can increase the security of themselves and their property by having professional landscaping and tree care maintenance on a regular basis. A professional tree and landscape service company will ensure that your lawn, trees and garden remain beautiful and in optimal health.

Trees Grow The Right Way

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04 Jul 2014
There are many significant benefits to having a professionally-installed irrigation system from Embark Services.

What Are The Benefits of An Irrigation System?

For commercial property owners, maintaining a beautiful lawn can often be a grueling process, especially with Houston's hot summers and high humidity. One of the most difficult parts of keeping a property green and healthy is maintaining a proper watering schedule. Houston's lawns, gardens and trees require regular watering to stay healthy, grow and gain vital nutrients to endure the hot temperatures. The simple solution to keeping properties healthy and watered is the installation of an automated irrigation system.

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03 Jun 2014
Embark's full range of landscape and tree care services can help reduce the threat of mosquitos and other stinging insects, allowing you to enjoy your property year-round.

Reduce The Threat Of Mosquitos and Other Insects This Summer

In addition to high temperatures and sweltering humidity, Houstonians also have to contend with mosquitos and other invasive insects during the summer. However, there are proactive steps commercial property owners can take to reduce the presence of mosquitos and other insects through the Houston summer months. Property owners and their customers, guests and vendors can enjoy their exterior spaces without being subjected to painful bites and stings from invasive pests.

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25 Mar 2014
Don’t Let Construction Projects Damage Your Healthy Trees

Don’t Let Construction Projects Damage Your Healthy Trees

Houston is currently enjoying a robust and vibrant economy, with new developments and construction projects starting each week. As a result, many commercial properties are under construction, often with healthy and mature shade trees nearby. Although many property owners now prefer to keep established trees on the property whenever possible, the sad truth is that construction projects can often lead to tree damage or tree death because of inadequate tree protection.

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18 Mar 2014
Embark's team of Certified Arborists are specially trained for utiliity line clearance work to prevent trees from impacting power lines.

How Power Lines Impact Tree Owners

Starting at a very young age, people are always warned to stay away from power lines because of the dangers of electrocution, which can cause serious injury or even death. However, trees and plants will simply grow wherever they're planted, so it's up to property owners to make sure their growing trees do not interfere with power lines or utility poles. Power lines can impact tree owners in several significant ways.

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25 Feb 2014
Tree location makes a huge impact on tree health and stability.

Location Makes All The Difference With Tree Planting

Trees can be a valuable and beautiful addition to any commercial property. However, if a tree is planted in an inappropriate location, it can significantly hinder its growth, health and beauty, as well as that of the surrounding property. Before making the investment of adding trees to a commercial property, it is imperative that Certified Arborists assess the property to identify the ideal location for tree planting.

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18 Feb 2014
Removing Trees For The Right Reasons

Removing Trees For The Right Reasons

Mature trees are almost always considered an asset on commercial properties, especially in Houston where shade is beneficial in reducing energy and cooling costs. Trees provide beauty, enhance our landscapes, and help with rainwater absorption to reduce flooding. Although trees often benefit the Houston area, there are a few instances where it becomes necessary to remove trees to preserve the long-term health and value of our property.

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07 Jan 2014
Embark's landscape and tree services help give homeowners and business property owners back valuable time.

How To Get More Time For Your Business

In the busyness of everyday life, Houstonians often find themselves pulled in multiple directions in a given day, or have several things competing for their time and attention. For many business owners, the rampant cycle of demands and priorities can often result in project delays or people being ignored. For example, heavy demands for time and attention can lead to lower productivity, decreased sales, lackluster customer service, or poor maintenance of offices or commercial properties.

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