07 Nov 2014
The fall is the ideal time to plant young trees in Houston because of the milder weather and slower growth season.

Why Fall Is The Best Time To Plant Trees

When fall weather arrives in Houston, property owners will start to see many leaves start to drop from deciduous trees and plant growth slow significantly. Despite the slowdown in tree and plant growth, fall is actually the ideal time to have trees planted on residential and commercial properties. In today's blog post, we'll look at three reasons why property owners should consider having trees planted on their property now during our tranquil fall weather.

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29 Aug 2014
This dying and damaged tree is a perfect example of why construction projects need Embark's Tree Preservation services.

How Construction Projects Can Negatively Impact Trees

Throughout Houston, construction projects of all shapes and sizes are currently underway, whether it's new construction, renovations, or even demolition of existing structures. Many of these constructions projects include keeping existing large trees on the property to enhance shade and beauty. Builders and construction project managers have to account for electrical, utility, traffic and building safety needs, but often neglect to properly protect the mature trees on the property.

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26 Aug 2014
Weed Control Services help commercial property owners keep their property investments healthy and beautiful while eliminating harmful and invasive weeds.

Weed Control Services Protect Commercial Property Health

Commercial properties are important investments, so it is essential for property owners to protect the health and value of their property. One important way to protect commercial properties is through Weed Control Services. Professional Weed Control Services combines effective weed removal with strategic fertilizer application in order to strengthen and protect grass and landscape gardens. Weed Control Services offers several key advantages to commercial property owners.

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22 Aug 2014
Property owners need to be aware of several important factors before choosing and adding a new tree.  Embark's Tree Planting Services can help with proper tree selection, identifying optimal planting sites, and correct tree planting.

How Do I Choose The Right Tree For My Property?

Trees add tremendous value, beauty and environmental benefits to residential and commercial properties. For these reasons, many property owners wish to add trees to their property, but this is not a decision to enter into lightly. Choosing the right tree for your property makes all the difference when it comes to future tree health and longevity. Choosing the wrong tree for your property can lead to stunted tree growth, lack of shade, increased tree maintenance, and even tree death.

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05 Aug 2014
Properties are safer when professional landscape and tree care companies, like Embark, are used instead of amateur or basic workers.

Professional Landscaping and Tree Care Makes Properties Safer

Property owners take many precautions to keep their homes and businesses safe, such as installing alarm systems, purchasing fire extinguishers, and developing safety strategies in case of emergencies. However, property owners can increase the security of themselves and their property by having professional landscaping and tree care maintenance on a regular basis. A professional tree and landscape service company will ensure that your lawn, trees and garden remain beautiful and in optimal health.

Trees Grow The Right Way

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29 Jul 2014
Tree stumps are a dangerous and also unsightly eyesore that should always be removed from residential and commercial properties.

Why You Should Always Have Tree Stumps Removed From Your Property

Trees are beautiful and important property assets, but unfortunately they can succumb to various ailments, such as disease, drought, wind damage or lightning strikes. When trees become severely damaged or die, prompt tree removal is needed. Too often, property owners just have the main part of the tree removed, leaving behind the tree stump. In today's blog post, we're going to discuss why property owners should always have tree stumps removed from a residential or commercial property.

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22 Jul 2014
This man is trimming a tree in a very unsafe manner.  He is not wearing any personal protective equipment, is standing unsecured on a limb, and is operating a chainsaw with one hand.

Understanding the Dangers of Tree Trimming

One of the best decisions a property owner can make is to plant trees on a residential or commercial property. Healthy trees add tremendous beauty, shade and value to homes, neighborhoods, office parks, apartment complexes and retail spaces. However, one of the worst decisions a property owner can make is to try performing tree trimming and tree removal on their own.

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11 Jul 2014
Palm trees grow well in our area, but they benefit from regular maintenance to protect their health and keep owners safe.

Palm Trees Benefit From Regular Tree Maintenance

The Houston area is home to a wide variety of trees due to our warm and humid climate. One variety commonly seen in Houston is the palm tree, which can grow to incredible heights, and offers tropical beauty to property owners. Although palm trees are not as high maintenance as other tree species, they still benefit from regular tree maintenance. To keep palm trees on your residential or commercial property healthy and beautiful, it is critical to ensure experienced tree professionals regularly maintain them.

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04 Jul 2014
There are many significant benefits to having a professionally-installed irrigation system from Embark Services.

What Are The Benefits of An Irrigation System?

For commercial property owners, maintaining a beautiful lawn can often be a grueling process, especially with Houston's hot summers and high humidity. One of the most difficult parts of keeping a property green and healthy is maintaining a proper watering schedule. Houston's lawns, gardens and trees require regular watering to stay healthy, grow and gain vital nutrients to endure the hot temperatures. The simple solution to keeping properties healthy and watered is the installation of an automated irrigation system.

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17 Jun 2014
Tree damage is the most common kind of damage in Houston after a hurricane or major storm, but Embark can help protect trees and property before a storm hits.

Preparations For Hurricane Season: Before A Storm Hits

June 1 is the official start of hurricane season, which means meteorologists and weather channels will be closely monitoring the tropics for any signs of storms or hurricane activity. Although technology allows us to know well in advance of approaching storms or hurricanes, it is critical for Houstonians to take proactive steps now to help protect themselves, relatives, and property from any kind of hurricane damage.

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