Commercial Landscape Management

Developing a commercial landscape management plan is essential to protecting your property investment and also solidifying your value to your surrounding community. A business property with lush, well-manicured landscape gardens and thriving, mature trees reflect well on nearby neighborhoods and communities, becoming an asset to the area. In addition, a well-maintained commercial landscape offers a more pleasant environment for employees and for clients.

Embark Services offers a wide range of commercial landscape maintenance services.LMC offers commercial landscape management plans that incorporate LMC's full array of landscape maintenance and tree work services. The Landscape Professionals of LMC can help businesses develop a landscape management plan that meets specific business and budgeting needs, fulfill a vision for business property and future growth, and ensure the property will remain vibrant and healthy throughout the year. LMC also offers multi-year landscape budgeting plans so our commercial clients can forecast their landscape and tree work expenses throughout the year and minimize emergency service costs.

LMC is pleased to offer the following commercial landscape management services:

Total Landscape Management:

  • Design/Installation of Landscape Gardens
  • Lawn Installation and Maintenance
  • Tree Planting and Regular Tree Maintenance
  • Design/Installation of Brick/Stone Patios, Walkways and Retaining Walls
  • Design/Installation of Lighting for Safety and Aesthetics
  • Installation and Maintenance of Irrigation Systems
  • Curb and Concrete Repairs Due To Tree Roots
  • Seasonal Color Planting and Mulching
  • Soil Aeration and Deep Root Fertilization
  • Pest Control Programs
  • Spring/Fall Leaf and Brush Removal

Your commercial properties will get the safe, thorough and proactive care to maintain their health and beauty year round. Commercial landscape management offers unique challenges regarding performing the necessary work with the smallest disruption to the business or customers. For this reason LMC is pleased to offer commercial customers a variety of work schedule options to ensure the work is performed at a time most convenient for property owners and their customers. Our Certified Arborists and Landscape Professionals will strive to provide high quality work that offers maximum curb appeal, lasting landscape and tree health, and proactive protection for commercial property.

Request a visit today from the landscape and tree work experts of LMC and learn how they can partner with you to provide a healthy, beautiful commercial landscape for years to come.

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