Property Maintenance

We take pride in keeping your property to our highest standard day to day. We know the first impression someone will have from your business will be the landscaping. Keeping it well maintained, fertilized, and watered are extremely important to your landscape’s health and your public appearance.

LMC's landscape Maintenance includes:

  • Commercial Services to ensure your business is always well kept
  • Diagnostics to keep track of your lawn and tree's health over time
  • Vegetation management to continue to preserve and protect the local vegetation
  • Tree & shrub pruning to remove dead and dying branches
  • Fertilization programs custom designed to your land to ensure optimal fertilization
  • Insect & disease control to detect early signs of insects or disease and take action
  • Overseeding to keep your lawn thick, green, and healthy
  • Site cleanup to ensure that your property is cleaned of trash and debris

For more information on how LMC’s landscape maintenance services make your life a breeze, request a visit from one of LMC’s certified landscapers or call LMC today.