We provide landscape maintenance services that are customized to your unique property needs. Our goal is to keep them looking beautiful all year long.

LMC Commercial Services

Commercial Services

Our landscape professionals can help businesses develop a landscape management plan that meets your needs and ensure the property will remain vibrant and healthy throughout the year.

Commercial Services

LMC Diagnostic Services


LMC's Certified Arborists excel in diagnosing and eliminating your tree health issues, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and thorough tree care diagnostic experience.


LMC Vegetation Management

Vegetation Management

LMC offers vegetation management solutions to preserve and protect Houston's natural resources and vegetation.

Vegetation Management

LMC Tree and Shrub Pruning


Trees and shrubs must be pruned in order to keep them healthy. Young trees should receive structural pruning to make them stronger as they develop, as well as enhancing their aesthetic value. On mature trees, pruning is used to clean away dead and dying branches, increase sunlight to ground areas, and to thin the crown to reduce the likelihood of breakage under strong weather conditions.

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LMC Fertilization Programs


Our comprehensive approach to lawn maintenance includes the application of fertilizer, in a custom-designed program that takes into account the natural state of your site and the needs of your lawn, trees, shrubs and seasonal color.

Though we can use conventional fertilizer products, we encourage the use of organic fertilizer that not only make your lawn beautiful but are also healthier for the environment.

LMC Insect and Disease Control


Our approach to insect and disease control starts with the selection of hardy, resistant plant varieties. However, our lawn maintenance personnel are trained to identify the early warning signs of insect damage or disease and take action.

On our LEED® properties we utilize Integrated Pest Management practices. IPM is an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest management with careful consideration for pest population injury level, use of organic resources and limited chemical application as a last resort.

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LMC overseeding


If you want to know why golf courses always seem to keep their lawns green, thick and healthy, part of the reason is due to the practice of overseeding. Overseeding is the systematic application of new grass seed directly over existing turf. This is done to encourage new growth, fill in thinning areas, and to reduce competition of weedy grasses.

LMC Site Cleanup Service


LMC is honored to serve our clients. As a result, we wish to leave every landscape in a better state than it was in before we arrived. That means that in addition to keeping your landscape healthy and beautiful, we won't leave a property without cleaning the site of trash and debris we find during maintenance, every time.

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