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Embark provides subsurface and French drainage installation services, as well as drainage repair for any sized property.When heavy rains hit the Houston area, they can be devastating to commercial properties because of Houston's low elevation and high clay content in the area soil. In just a short amount of time, heavy rains can create flash floods that result in extensive damage to businesses, vehicles, and other property. However, Houston area office parks and businesses can reduce their property's vulnerability to flooding and standing water through professional subsurface drainage services.

LMC is pleased to offer top-quality subsurface drainage and French drain solutions for any sized commercial property to improve rainfall drainage on lawns and reduce the threat of floods and water damage. LMC offers professional installation of pipes and drains in the soil to remove excess amounts of water that have collected underground due to soil saturation or soil holes. These drains can quickly and safely transport rainwater from the property to the street or nearby ditch. LMC can also repair existing drainage systems on commercial properties to improve rainwater drainage.  Drainage Services from LMC help protect the health, beauty and longevity of lawns, gardens and trees, as well as protecting foundations and property from water damage.

For more information on LMC's Drainage Services, request a free consultation from our Landscape Professionals, or contact LMC directly for more information.

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