Emergency Storm Response

The Emergency Storm Response Team of Embark Services can help repair and remove your damaged trees.When severe weather strikes, strong winds and lightning can cause significant damage to homes and businesses, and also to nearby trees and landscapes, often leaving property owners in need of emergency response tree repair.  Storm damage can leave broken or damaged tree limbs, unstable tree trunks, or completely uprooted trees and shrubs that result in hazardous environments.   In instances where significant landscape or tree damage has occurred, the main priority is to quickly stabilize the area to prevent any physical harm to property owners, or structural damage to surrounding homes and businesses.  A prompt emergency response to tree damage is essential to minimizing damage and property loss.

LMC can assist property owners in need of urgent tree work through their Emergency Response Team.  The LMC Emergency Response Team is a group of safety-trained Certified Arborists that utilize state-of-the-art equipment to efficiently and safely repair tree damage on your property, or remove fallen trees and their debris.  Their experienced emergency repair team can respond to tree damage issues near property, utility lines and other potential hazards that are not safe for property owners to handle on their own. 

If storm damage leaves your property with urgent tree removal or tree repair needs, contact the Emergency Response Team of LMC immediately to have their tree experts resolve your tree work needs with safety and efficiency. 

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