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Embark Services provides top quality roadside vegetation management services for federal, state, county and local roadways.LMC is pleased to offer Roadside Vegetation Management and Right-of-Way Clearance services for federal, state, county and city roadways. In order to best protect the roadways and highways within the greater Houston area, LMC combines state-of-the-art vegetation management equipment with industry-leading safety procedures and an in-depth understanding of our regional vegetation and growth patterns. LMC offers cost-effective roadside vegetation management services through the use of specialized machinery designed to tackle any sized project, including professional-grade mowers and mulching machines, herbicide application equipment, and dump, chip and bucket trucks.

LMC's expert vegetation management team will work to clear right-of-way and roadsides from invasive, noxious weeds and overgrowth while also protecting the health and integrity of native trees, plants and wildflowers. LMC's Roadside Vegetation Management services also provide long term financial savings to county and local government agencies through the significant reduction in weed and turf growth, resulting in decreased mowing and maintenance needs.

The Roadside Vegetation Management services provided by Embark provide safer roads for drivers and reduced costs for Transportation Departments.LMC applies years of expertise with specialized equipment and top-notch safety standards to handle costly and dangerous roadside issues such as:

  • Debris and hazardous tree removal
  • Invasive and noxious weed removal
  • Removal of overhanging tree limbs
  • Sight line clearing along roads and intersections
  • Customized herbicide treatment
  • Emergency Storm Response

LMC offers customized herbicide solutions to prevent future weed development while also ensuring roadside turf remains greener for longer periods of time, even during periods of drought. For your Roadside Vegetation Management needs, contact the experts of LMC.

The quality of work performed is under American National Standard Institute for Tree Care Operations (ANSI 300). Tree, shrub, and other woody plant maintenance-Standard Practices.  All work performed is under the American National Standard.

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