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When you purchase a business, you are not just gaining a physical structure in which to operate your business, but also the land surrounding your business. Your trees and landscape are the second most valuable assets of your property, so maintaining good tree health and a lush, vibrant lawn are imperative for all property owners. Beautiful and well-kept trees and landscaping adds ambiance, helps maintain or even increase your property value, and distinguishes your property within your surrounding community.

LMC recognizes that each property owner has a unique set of circumstances regarding the size, type and needs of their landscapes and trees. LMC offers varying degrees of service tailored to your specific landscape and tree health care needs to help ensure years of enjoyment. We can help you plan out a new landscape or tree-planting project, maintain your existing turf, landscape and trees, and diagnose, treat or remove sick trees or landscape plants and lawn. LMC takes great pride in employing well trained, uniformed and experienced employees and utilizing state-of-the-art, highly efficient equipment and machinery. In addition, LMC's full range of services is expertly performed with adherence to the utmost safety practices and with a goal of complete client confidence and satisfaction.

Here are a few of our services:

DiagnosticsTree & Shrub CareRemoval & Replanting
Soil AnalysisPruning & CareTree Structure Evaluation
DiagnosticsCabling & BracingTree Planting & Replacement
Insect & Disease ManagementInsect & Disease ManagementTree Removal & Stump Grinding
Tree Structure EvaluationLightning Protection

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