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Embark's Landscape Professionals can assess your soil health through a thorough and precise soil analysis.Healthy trees and landscapes are not created overnight, but are the end result of proactive maintenance such as regular watering, pruning and fertilization. This ongoing maintenance is a great benefit to trees and lawns, but there is one hidden component that can also impact the health of your property's trees and landscape, and that is your soil. When soil is healthy and full of vital soil nutrients, trees and lawns are healthier and better protected against damage from insects and diseases.

However, if your soil quality has been compromised due to poor levels of soil nutrients or incorrect soil pH levels, then your trees and landscapes will not grow to their full potential and will be more susceptible to damage and disease, no matter how much proactive maintenance is performed on your trees and lawns. If you believe your trees and landscapes are suffering to due to poor soil quality, contact the Certified Arborists and Landscape Professionals of LMC for a thorough soil analysis.

LMC will begin with assessing your soil and collecting soil specimens to test for soil pH levels, nutrient deficiencies, organic matter, soil-based pathogens, and soil contamination from toxic agents. This laboratory soil survey will determine your overall soil content and help LMC's soil experts determine the best course of treatment to improve your soil health, which will provide long-term benefits to your trees and landscapes.

For more information on how LMC's Certified Arborists and Landscape Professionals can help test and improve your soil quality, request a visit today or contact LMC for more information.

The quality of work performed is under American National Standard Institute for Tree Care Operations (ANSI 300). Tree, shrub, and other woody plant maintenance-Standard Practices.  All work performed is under the American National Standard.

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